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December 9, 2020

Great Reads for Christmas + Bonus

It's getting COLD out there. Christmas is coming soon. Family and friends, although maybe a little less than usual this year. A little escapism isn't such a bad thing is it? We've been working on some great new books and have plenty more on the list to work on.
A few of the best reads we've produced lately have been:
A Princess of Mars is the first volume in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic Barsoom series.

John Carter, a Virginia gentleman, a former captain of cavalry in the American Civil War, is prospecting for gold in Arizona. When he and his partner find a vein of quartz bearing gold, his partner sets off to get machinery and men to mine it. Carter sees his partner is trailed by Apaches and sets off in pursuit to render aid. The Apaches in turn, begin to pursue him. Hiding in a cave, somehow Carter is transported to the planet Mars, known to the peoples and beings there as Barsoom. And there on Barsoom, Carter meets A Princess of Mars.

We're very pleased to have reproduced all five of the original color illustrations by Frank E. Schoonover. We'll be adding more of the Barsoom stories as we go on.
The Continental Op -1923 by Dashiell Hammett.
Herein are the first five Continental Op stories, written in 1923 by Dashiell Hammett and published in The Black Mask magazine.

Written in first person, these are the stories of an unnamed operative for the Continental Detective Agency. The operative deals with the gamut of human crime and cruelty.

The Continental Op stories are the stylistic and psychological source that every other hard-boiled story is indebted to.
The Continental Op -1924 by Dashiell Hammett
The nine Continental Op stories written by Dashiell Hammett in 1924.

In his obituary in The New York Times, Dashiell Hammett (1894–1961) was described as “the dean of the… ‘hard-boiled’ school of detective fiction.”

Hammett is remembered for writing some of the seminal novels of crime fiction: Red Harvest, The Dain Curse, The Glass Key, The Thin Man, and The Maltese Falcon.

We loved these three recent productions. So cuddle up, get cozy and read a book guaranteed to make you forget your troubles and take you into a different world.
And what have we got on SALE right now......?

On Sale This Month.

The Troyana Series by S.P. Meek
The Troyana Series is two novels written by Capt. S.P. Meek between 1930 and 1932.

The Drums of Tapajos (1930) – After World War I is over, four men journey into the wilds of the Amazon basin in search of treasure. Somewhere in there they find a lost civilization.

Three ex-Army buddies, not ready to settle down to civilian life, are looking for adventure in the post-war world. They wouldn’t mind fomenting a little South American revolution and get in touch with a fourth man to lead their unofficial party. He suggests instead a treasure hunt in the wilds of the Amazon basin. The four have no idea what they are about to find.

Troyana (1932) – The second of the Troyana Series, Nankivell brings the adventurers back to Troyana to save it from a rebellion by the black robed Atlanteans.

The New Adam by Stanley G. Weinbaum
How does an evolved man live and love in this world? And as Homo Sapiens replaced Cro-Magnon, will he replace us?

The New Adam – Edmond was to man as man is to the apes, but there was only man’s world in which to live— and love!
Part Two—Conclusion – Love came to Edmond Hall, but to him it was death and to Vanny it meant awful visions and madness.
Blood and Iron by Max Brand
“One way only—Death.” This was the message that Walt Devon intercepted by chance in the gold-crazy town of West London. A murder was being arranged and Devon intended being around when the shooting started. What Devon didn’t know was that he was to play the part of the corpse.

This four part serial was later republished as Timbal Gulch Trail.
At Captain Michel's Table by Gaston Leroux
Every evening, five old skippers smelling of the sea would gather At Captain Michel’s Table at the old Ship-and-Anchor Cafe in Toulon to enjoy their aperative and to tell each other macabre stories of blood and horror.

The Inn of Terror (1929) – A tale of stark realism and gripping horror. A novelette of five chapters.
The Woman with the Velvet Collar (1929) – A vivid story of a weird Corsican vendetta and a ghastly revenge
The Mystery of the Four Husbands (1929) – A vivid weird mystery story of a gloriously beautiful woman and her four murdered husbands
The Crime on Christmas Night (1930) – A tale of stark horror. A novelette of three chapters.

Gaston Leroux is the author of The Phantom of the Opera.
Murder Trap by Johnston McCulley
Three stories about the attempted abduction of a witness, a parolee’s revenge on the man who framed him, and the kill-lust of a man who wants to control a company. Criminal gangs, inmates, wanton killers, greed, vengeance, fear and murder by the author of the Zorro stories

Murder Limited (1940) – Jim Thatcher Holds the Key Down on Danger When Big-City Gangsters Unleash Death and Destruction in a Melee of Double-Track Doom!
New Year’s Pardon (1948) – When Joe Leake wins a pardon from the Big House, he plans to get a new tenant for his cell—but quick!
Murder Trap (1934) – A Corpse Flung from the Sky is a Grisly Harbinger of a Crimson Trail of Death
At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft
This tale of the Miskatonic University Expedition into the Antarctic in search of deep-level specimens of rock and sod, relates for the first time the strange and terrible experiences and discoveries of the expedition, in the hope that the Starkweather-Moore Expedition which is about to take off on the same venture, will give up the idea as too terrifying and horrible to undertake.

Antarctica and H.P. Lovecraft, how much colder can it get?
And that Bonus?
We're going to throw a BIG Year End Sale between Christmas and New Years called Hasta la Vista 2020. Be on the lookout for it. 40% off everything.
Because we're all done with 2020.
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