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November 2, 2020

November - Tales of Power and Corruption

Fall used to be called the "silly season", in these political years, but over the last couple of election cycles it's become far more serious. Our choices for Sale books this month reflect some of that. But we'll get to that in a moment. First some news:
We're finally ready to start production on our audio book line of tales. We will start with some of our favorite stories, those about Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective. And speaking of Dan, we'll produce another book of his cases this month. We'll let you know when Dan is ready to tell you his tales himself.
True to any good political season, Power, Corruption, Assassination and Rebellion are all on SALE this month.

On Sale This Month.

The Iron Fist by Jackson Cole
The sheriff was too old to keep the lid on a town as rough as Paydirt, and the marshal was too shady to trust, so the Lone Wolf drew the hot spot.
Power by C.K.M. Scanlon
A Coast Guard cutter is called out to interdict drug smugglers but there are other forces at play. When the drug interdiction turns into the assassination of a foreign dignitary, it brings the nation to the brink of war. Ace FBI Special Agent Dan Fowler must figure out the score before the bullets start to fly.
Island In The Sky by Manly Wade Wellman
The Airmen ruling from the Island In The Sky keep the world’s populace entertained and distracted with gladiatorial games. After twenty years in the Pit, for a murder he did not commit, Blackie Peyton has been released into a world of fear and conspiracy. Fearsome enough to be drafted as a gladiator to entertain the masses, Blackie becomes the tip of the spear of the revolution.
City of the Living Dead & The Long View by Fletcher Pratt and Laurence Manning
Civilizations are messy things. Everyone has their own ideas on how to run them. How do you go about building a Utopia? Who should run them? Politicians? Scientists? Psychologists? Artists? And what do you do with a civilization when you are running it? And what do you do if you are running The City of the Living Dead?
The City of the Living Dead is the first exploration of the concept of virtual reality. What happens when an entire civilization lives their entire lives plugged into machines? This classic dystopian novelette has been said to be the inspiration for the Matrix trilogy of films.
The Long View pits several elite groups against one another, each arguing that their way of running a civilization is best. Espionage and naked power grabs ensue as each group tries to outmaneuver the other to dictate the rules of life.
Dawn of Flame & The Black Flame by Stanley G. Weinbaum
What price love? What price immortality? There’s a revolution brewing when Thomas Conner wakes after hundreds of years in the grave. Mortals versus immortals, the Weeds versus the Master, and Conner, by virtue of his resurrection, lands right in the middle of it.
Dawn of Flame – Lovely but cruel, young but immortal, the Black Princess rode into Ormiston, a living flame . . . with death like a gift in her hand!
The BLACK FLAME – Thomas Conner Pits Ancient Knowledge and Daring Against Immortals Who Have Ruled a Strange New World for Centuries. Black Margot was half sweet provocative goddess—and half brutal devil who would endeavour to steal all his knowledge and his heart.
Armageddon 2419 A.D. and The Airlords of Han by Philip Francis Nowlan (1888-1940) are the original Buck Rogers novels.
Caught in a mining accident in 1927, Anthony “Tony” (Buck) Rogers fell into a state of suspended animation and only came back to consciousness 492 years later. He awakens in a world where Americans are mere back woods gangs “not worth the trouble of subduing” by the ruling Han Airlords. And so the stage is set for the “Second War of Independence.”
Power, corruption, conspiracy, terror, revolutions and more. Come by The Pulp Fiction Book Store and find out how some of the great pulp writers envisioned them.
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