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July 1, 2021

July Newsletter

"It's a hot one...
Like seven inches from the mid-day sun."
(Santana - Smooth)

It's July and it's HOT! And July 4th is coming up in a few days. We always celebrate Independence Day and we are celebrating it with a juicy Sale for you. So from now until July 5th at midnight (EST) you can take 15% off all purchases. Just use the code July4Freedom at the checkout and grab some deals!

A couple of new ebooks to feed the need for pulp in your reading diet:
The Mask of Circe by Henry Kuttner
Summoned by luring voices from the past, Jay Seward assumes the role of Jason in an epochal journey to the fabulous land of the legends!

A man shares genetic memories with Jason of the Argonauts fame. When time streams cross, he finds he becomes Jason in an alternate world.
And this one, entirely appropriate for mid-summer heat:
Give ‘Em Hell! by C.K.M. Scanlon
– A trail of murders and kidnappings of young women lead Dan Fowler, ace man-hunter of the F.B.I. to a ‘good town’, a town entirely controlled by criminals.

Give ‘Em Hell! (1937) – Follow the Perilous Trail of the F.B.I. as a City Ruled by the Lawless is Put Under Siege in a Desperate Campaign to Remove the Clutch of Corruption from the Throats of Helpless Victims!
But if it's too hot for you, this one will chill you to the bone.....
Herbert West: Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft
Can the Dead Be Brought Back to Life?

Herbert West: Reanimator – The gruesome adventures of Herbert West, a young scientist consumed with the ambition of bringing back the dead to life!
This month we're Celebrating Independence! And who's more independent than the cowboy? Ride the range pardner. This month we have six westerns on sale:

On Sale This Month.

Desert Rendezvous – Two Stories by Walker A. Tompkins
Two stories of men and women of the West, coming together to take on thieves, hijackers and murderers.

Desert Rendezvous (1953) – THE DEPUTY PACKED DYNAMITE — but he was too lazy to stop the high-graders from getting away with murder until a girl came along and set a match to him

Two Notches On His Gun (1955) – CHUCK FINLEY was caught in a neat frame-up and every step he took to clear himself just added to the evidence of his guilt
Scalp Harvest and Other Stories by William Heuman
Life on the frontier from fighting a battle against the rampaging Sioux, to fighting to keep a town from being overcome by a tinhorn’s greed and intimidation.

Gunsmoke On The Arrow (1946) – Rank-proud Major George Brandon led his troops down a redskin glory-trail. And only a renegade shavetail knew that trail ended in bloody Sioux massacre on the open prairie! A four chapter novelette.

Scalp Harvest (1946) – Only one man could keep the seething caldron of the Sioux Reservation from spilling over and becoming a whooping, blood-crazed torrent threatening to drown the little settlement. Only one man, and Sergeant Morgan Carr knew where to find him—in the biggest gambling hell in town, a bottle near his shaking hands! A five chapter novelette.

There’s Blood On His Star (1948) – Golden Billy Smith, Marshal of Clover City, backed the law with a soft voice and a loud Colt, until a bust-head boom-town honky-tonk bouncer tried to prove that two hard fists could beat two fast guns! A four chapter novelette.
Blood and Iron by Max Brand
“One way only—Death.” This was the message that Walt Devon intercepted by chance in the gold-crazy town of West London. A murder was being arranged and Devon intended being around when the shooting started. What Devon didn’t know was that he was to play the part of the corpse.

Blood and Iron is a four part serial novel that was published in Munsey’s Magazine in 1929. It was later republished as Timbal Gulch Trail.
Stagecoach – Five Stories by Ernest Haycox
Five Western stories by Ernest Haycox including Stage to Lordsburg, made into the classic Western film Stagecoach directed by John Ford. This film starred Clare Trevor and introduced John Wayne in his first leading role.

When You Carry the Star (1931) – A friend is a precious thing, and it’s bitter to let him down, but what could the sheriff do?

Hang Up My Gun (1931) – Out of the badlands came the smiling man, on a trail of stern six-gun justice.

Scout Detail (1938) – Lieutenant Wells’ first tour of duty, which taught him many things— chief among them a respect for the Apache as a foe who just didn’t scare easily

Stage to Lordsburg (1937) – Where life ended for some and began for others. The cleaning of the slate by the man known as Malpais Bill, and some new and more enduring writing upon it by the same gentleman

Old Glory (1939) – The old glory of a forgotten man
South To Chihuahua by William L. Hopson
Mexico had become a hotbed of action, and when these men marched south things began to pop that would make history. This was war. This was Revolucion!

A coup had been staged. Assassinations executed. General Francisco “Pancho” Villa was leading the Constitutionalist Army from the north to meet with Emiliano Zapata and his forces from the south to take Mexico back from the usurpers. Ed Lash had ridden with Pancho Villa before and, against his will, he was back to ride with him again.

Two men wanted to kill Ed Lash but the dreaded Mexican Rurales would probably kill him first. Lash was caught in a blood feud with one man because he killed his brother. He was caught in a love triangle with another man over a woman he hated.

Two private wars in the middle of Pancho Villa’s campaign to conquer northern Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. And Ed Lash was right in the middle of it all.
Gunmen of Glory by Clarence E. Mulford
Gunmen they were—nemesis of the lawless—and they flamed the fastest six-guns an outlaw rendezvous ever saw.

When The Kid, sick and desperate, stumbles upon Hopalong Cassidy and tells him the gruesome story of his wife’s murder by Big Henry’s outlaw gang, Hopalong un-limbers his six-shooter and sets out to clean things up. Tex Ewalt and Johnny Nelson come along. The story of their raid on the bandits of Hell’s Centre is one of old Hopalong’s most daring and rapid-fire adventures.

Gunmen of Glory is a full length novel of twenty six chapters.
So come by The Pulp Fiction Book Store. We've got some great stories to celebrate Independence Day with. Especially when they're 15% off.....

Happy Independence Day!
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