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May 2, 2021

May Newsletter

We're very proud to announce we've published our 250th ebook, available, as always in both .epub and .mobi for ALL ereaders.

We went back to our pulpy roots and published The Book of the Phantom Bullet - Five Stories from the Casebook of Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective by Robert Leslie Bellem.

To celebrate, we have put ALL of our books on SALE at 25% off
from now until May 9th.
Just use the code 250ebooks at the checkout!
The Book of the Phantom Bullet - Five Stories From the Casebook of Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective by Robert Leslie Bellem.
Another ebook we've just finished is The Exile of Time by Ray Cummings. This is a very cool 1930s science fiction novel.
The Exile of Time by Ray Cummings
Time traveling robots go back to 1935 New York City and destroy it, killing thousands. The chase to get the evil one behind the destruction takes our heroes both to the beginning and the end of time on earth.
Another recent ebook well worth your attention is The Woman of the Pyramid by Perley Poore Sheehan
The Woman of the Pyramid by Perley Poore Sheehan
The Woman of the Pyramid (1914) — Netokris, incarnation of the Goddess Isis, Queen of Egypt, she who kills with the flick of a finger; Menni, governor of the Double Palace; and Berenice the slave girl; a love triangle that will play out over five thousand years.
This month we'rejust featuring some cool reads as we get ready for the hot months. Here are our SALE books for this month:

On Sale This Month.

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
This is the first of the Barsoom Series where Virginia gentleman John Carter goes to Mars and wins a Princess and ultimately, the whole planet.
Our edition of A Princess of Mars contains the 5 original painted illustrations by Frank E. Schoonover.
Golden Blood by Jack Williamson
Gold lured the “Secret Legion” into the world’s most treacherous desert. And gold they found – a powerful golden man, an exotic golden woman, a huge golden tiger and an eerie golden snake.
A tale of weird adventures in the hidden land beyond the cruel desert of the Rub’ Al Khali, and a golden folk that ride upon a golden-yellow tiger and worship a golden snake.
Irregular Brethren by H. Bedford-Jones
Irregular Brethren and Other Stories – Three stories of outcasts, pirates and explorers on the fringes of civilization.

Irregular Brethren (1919) – This story, told in a quaint Oriental Masonic lodge meeting, has all the tropical color and dramatic intensity which Mr. Bedford-Jones handles so skillfully.

Pearls From Macao (1933) – A vivid thrill-tale of a desperate voyage on the China Sea, with murder striking from the shadows again and again, and a beautiful girl on board

Berber Loot (1933) – The story of a madcap adventure in Morocco, told as only Bedford-Jones can tell it—a story of thrills, romance, and sudden death, in a wild hunt for stolen treasure
Blood and Iron by Max Brand
(Ed. Note - This is one of our favorites.)
“One way only—Death.” This was the message that Walt Devon intercepted by chance in the gold-crazy town of West London. A murder was being arranged and Devon intended being around when the shooting started. What Devon didn’t know was that he was to play the part of the corpse.
Night Raid and Other Stories by Ernest Haycox
Three stories of the Old West by Ernest Haycox, featuring cattle rustlers, Indian raids, gunfights and a love of independence.

Breed of the Frontier (1932) – In those days people earned their property rights!

The Revenge Of Florida Jack (1928) – Florida Jack Was A Sort The West Seldom Knew And Never Wanted To Know. But Florida Jack Knew How To Make Trouble—Trouble That Made Gun-Flaming History That Day In Woolville’s Dusty Street

Night Raid (1929) – “Mind your own business” was the Golden Rule of the rangeland—the code to which big Joe Breedlove and salty Indigo Bowers clung through thick and thin. Just once did they violate it—but when they did, pistol-fog rolled like night-mist across the Elkhorn range, and the roar of guns was like summer thunder. A four chapter novelette.
Poseidonis by Clark Ashton Smith
(Ed. Note - This is one of our favorites.)
Poseidonis is a collection of five stories concerning the end of the civilization of Atlantis, a land of powerful wizards yet not powerful enough to stave off the death of that once mighty realm. Poseidonis is the last remnant of the lost continent.

The Last Incantation (1930) – A poetic and fanciful tale about a king who invoked the aid of magic to summon his lost love

The Death of Malygris (1934) – Even in death, the mighty wizard proved himself greater than his peers—a story of weird sorcery

The Double Shadow (1933) – That which cannot be outrun

A Voyage to Sfanomoë (1931) – The brothers Hotar and Evidon left doomed Atlantis and journeyed to the planet Venus

A Vintage From Atlantis (1934) – A fantastic story of a jar of wine, mellowed through many centuries, that was washed ashore on a pirate-infested isle in the West Indies

Atlantis (1912) – A poem
Atlantis (1912) – Alternate version
So come by The Pulp Fiction Book Store. We've got some cool stories. Get some and get ready for summer. We hope it's a good one for everyone.
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