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March 10, 2021

March Newsletter

Well we've done it! We've completed the Conan the Barbarian cycle that Robert E. Howard originally published in Weird Tales in the early 1930s. The seventeen stories, novelettes and novels have been published as a series of eight volumes, and of course the Complete Set is available.

We've also published the eight volumes on both Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook sites but you can only purchase the individual titles on those two sites. If you purchase the complete set from us you'll get a significant discount. You can find the Complete Set HERE.

In other news, we've just published The Amazing Misadventures of Oona and Jick by Margaret St. Clair. It's a series of stories that's kind of like an "I Love Lucy" of the future. Oona, Domestic Goddess of the Future and her loving Husband, Jick just keep getting into the darndest situations.... Available HERE.

The Complete Conan by Robert E. Howard
The complete set of the Conan the Barbarian stories written by Robert E. Howard between 1932 and 1936.
Eight volumes that include all 17 of the Conan stories, novelettes and novels. If bought individually, this set would cost $33.60. You save $5.00 by buying this set.
The Amazing Misadventures of Oona and Jick by Margaret St. Clair
Oona, Domestic Goddess of the Future and her loving Husband, Jick just want to live comfortable lives and be well thought of in their social set. And not be looked down upon by the Joyzelle Cabot-Cabot’s of this world. Sometimes it all works out, but sometimes it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t . . . .
This month we wanted to showcase some of our Mystery and Crime Fiction. Welcome to Murderous March! Here are our SALE books for this month:

On Sale This Month.

School For Murder by C.K.M. Scanlon – Special Agent Dan Fowler takes a lesson in Death from the Masked Dean’s course in crime—while Murder and Pillage, smashing through state lines on a rampage of wholesale lawlessness, cringe from the onslaught of the G-Men…

Murders, hijackings, kidnappings, prison break outs and more, all according to the Masked Dean’s master plans…. But don’t give up hope, Special Agent Dan Fowler- Man-Hunter, is on the case. A seventeen chapter novel.
Sand In The Snow by Norbert Davis – When workaholic attorney Jim Daniels takes a mid-winter vacation to Southern California to placate his wife, he steps into a nightmare of murder and a years-old secret of fraud and corruption.

California has snow-capped peaks and burning sandy wastes—and Jim Daniels, following the threads of the strangest case he ever undertook, found that sudden and violent death was apt to occur in both climates. In fact, peril seemed to travel in the wake of the Young Millionaire with the Scarred Face, ready to pounce at any moment. An exciting novel of a brilliant young attorney’s midwinter vacation from safety. A five part, twenty-three chapter novel.
M Is For Murder - Thumb
M Is For Murder by Roger Torrey – three stories of crime, corruption and murder by a master of hard-boiled crime fiction.

Justice Borrows Bullets (1937) – The tragic, cowardly finish of his pal’s career, and the spirit of a small boy who might some day meet a like fate, lashed Special Agent John Archer on to follow a microscope hunch that could earn him a fool’s name or death—or both.

Gun Trap for a Money-Killer (1938) – The trap O’Malley set for that shakedown slayer was baited with death — boomerang death!

M Stands For Murder (1944) – Playing watchdog all night in a warehouse isn’t much fun, but it’s a little different when it’s war stuff. As a matter of fact, most everything is, directly or indirectly, war stuff these days. And when it’s war stuff in a warehouse, that spells d-a-n-g-e-r. An eight chapter novelette.
Don’t Tell Anyone by J. Lane Linklater – Four Stories about frame ups, jewel heists, gambling, horse races and murder.

Souvenir From Saipan (1947) – Pete Lawton, returned war hero and ex-bookie, heads straight for the racetrack to repay some debts, but when his longshot ticket comes home he finds the payoff’s made in murder coin! A four chapter novelette.

One Small Clue (1945) – It’s an exciting furlough for Jim Latman when he runs into a murder case and solves a mystery that puzzles him mightily!

Mr. Brown’s Bare Feet (1950) – Three strange visitors create mystery at Digger’s Hollow, mystery that young Peter Rhoades must solve—in a hurry!

Don’t Tell Anyone (1948) – When Private Detective Walt Bonner arrived at the racetracks, he was there to help a pretty night club owner make a killing— but he didn’t expect the type of “killing” that was going on! A seven chapter novelette.
Just One More Case by W.T. Ballard – four stories of jewel thefts, frame-ups, intimidation, and murder by one of the most popular writers of the pulp era.

There’s That Corpse Again (1943) – Happy Valley, with its winter sports, became a suicide playground for Jimmy Doane. For he was haunted by a corpse on skis that was determined to dog Jimmy’s snow trail until he reached the brink of hell’s jump-off. A five chapter novelette.

Stooge For Slaughter (1938) – Ernie Paulo was a smalltime dip who didn’t have the nerve or the brains to go big time. But nerve and brains aren’t everything. There is a third ingredient that outweighs the other two. Fate. Fate was the third chip. And Ernie found that three’s a crowd—in more ways than one.

Models For Murder (1945) – What grim motive was behind the terroristic frightening of those beautiful New York models and behind the murder that accompanied it? I, Austin Gardner had two dangerous reasons for wanting to find out. A six chapter novelette.

Just One More Case, Uncle Sam (1943) – Eddie Fayne would be in uniform in a week—and he had only that week to solve the toughest case of all!
Murder Wheel and Other Stories by Norman A. Daniels – From gangsters carving out territories, to a serial killer preying upon young nurses, to the quest to recover a holy Tibetan prayer wheel, there is plenty of murder to go around.

Satan Holds a Seance (1942) – A mystic cult spirits Detective Thayer behind the crystal eight ball. A five chapter novelette.

Boomerang Blade (1936) – Jason McGee was a fighting Irishman. He fought his way to the bantam crown, fought his way to a first grade detective’s post—and fought his way out of it. He socked a lieutenant on the nose. But now he faced a double-barreled frame that called for more than fists.

The Scalpel Of Hate (1934) – A weird place to find death—in a nurses’ dormitory! Yet there it struck—bloody and sinister—callous to the beauty of its victims.

The Copper Cobra (1942) – Attorney Stan Leonard’s first case promised to be his last when he took a treatment from the the health cult whose cure meant death.

Murder Wheel (1934) – Through guarded doors, Death stalked unseen— and left in its wake fiendish murders that baffled the police, killings that turned men’s faces white with fear. A four chapter novelette.
So come browse the murder mysteries at The Pulp Fiction Book Store. They're only stories, right? Right?
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