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January 13, 2020

Welcome to 2020!

Welcome to the New Year! Heck, Welcome to the New Decade! The 2010s are behind us and a whole lot of new (old) Pulp Fiction is before us. We're ready for it. Are you?

Some of the titles we have on our publication calendar this year are:
  • Vulcan's Dolls by Margaret St. Clair
  • Horror From The Hills by Frank Belknap Long
  • Golden Blood by Jack Williamson
  • Red Sun of Danger by Brett Sterling
  • Outside the Law by Hugh Clevely
  • Lady of the Legion by Georges Surdez
  • more Jim Hatfield, Lone Wolf Ranger
  • more Secret Agent X
  • more Roger Torrey, Walt Coburn, G.G. Pendarves, John D. MacDonald, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Norman Daniels, and many others...
Right now we are working on The Hand of Fu-Manchu by Sax Rohmer. We are going to include a Fu-Manchu filmography as an Afterward to this volume. We'll add the filmography as an Afterward to the earlier volumes of the Fu-Manchu series and those of you who have bought those ebooks will get free upgraded copies by email. The Hand of Fu-Manchu should be published early this week.
A quick note to all of our Affiliates: as we stated in our recent note to you, all Affiliate Earnings were paid out by January 10, regardless of whether you met the $5 minimum. All funds were paid to your PayPal accounts we have on file. We wanted to "clear the books" going in to 2020. Thank you for your participation in the program. We're looking forward to much more continued success going forward.
But what you really want to know is: what ebooks are on sale this month, so....

On Sale This Month.

The Menace of Mars and Other Stories by Clare Winger Harris
The Menace of Mars and Other Stories is a collection of three novelettes by Clare Winger Harris, writer of mystical science fiction of universes within universes.

A Runaway World (1926) – Our Earth, an Infinitesimal Electron in the Vast Cosmos, is Subjected to a Dire Chemical Experiment
A nine chapter novelette.

The Fate of the Poseidonia (1927) – Third Prize winner of the December, 1926 Amazing Stories writing contest.
A six chapter novelette.

The Menace of Mars (1928) – Malign matter and cosmic chemistry.
A sixteen chapter novelette.

Watered Guns by Walt Coburn
As a boy, Roy Benton watched his father get killed by the Gorman clan. As a man he has to overcome his fears and bring them to justice. The mighty Missouri River is the backdrop for horse thieves, cattle rustlers and a blood feud that has consumed three generations.

Roy Benton had a lot of enemies: the Gormans, who had killed his father; Red McGraw, who had taken his girl; and, the biggest and toughest of all, the sick fear inside him that was born the night he saw his father shot down. Then he met the toughest outlaw in the West and learned that cowardice is not the thing that makes a man run but the thing that makes him stand up and fight.

The classic Skylark Trilogy by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith is widely regarded as the first interstellar and intergalactic space opera series.

During an experiment for the Government Bureau of Chemistry, Richard Seaton realises that he has discovered the means for liberating intra-atomic energy. Seaton, and a friend, millionaire Reynolds Crane, decide to build a space-flier, to be propelled by this intra-atomic energy.

Meanwhile, Marc DuQuesne and the Steel Trust, aware of the discovery’s potential, make attempts to steal the experimental solution the discovery is based on and the plans for the space-flier.

The Skylark of Space (1928) was first published in Amazing Stories in 1928. While there are earlier stories about space travel, it is the first novel about interstellar travel and is considered the first “space opera” book.

Skylark Three (1930) is “the tale of the galactic cruise which ushered in Universal Civilization.”

The Skylark of Valeron (1934-5) brings to a conclusion the classic Skylark trilogy by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith. While DuQuesne has survived to become Master of the Earth, the Seatons and the Cranes must run for their lives into the fourth dimension— from which none have ever returned.

The Golden Ghoul by Brant House
Secret Agent “X’s” far-flung, crime-crushing organization brought him whisperings of a fiend who meted out a death worse than death— a monster who called himself the Ghoul. For this Ghoul made men living prisoners in an amber-colored shroud of their own dead flesh. And even Secret Agent “X,” the man of a thousand disguises, a thousand surprises, was checkmated when he pried into the Ghoul’s palace of pain.

Against The Fall Of Night thumb
Against the Fall of Night by Arthur C. Clarke
The city has existed for billions of years. Surrounded by impenetrable walls, the inhabitants, the last of mankind, are immortal. Every need and desire is furnished by robots. No one has ever left the city. But one young man wants to know what else is out there. . . .

From the Lotosland prison of a dying world an atavistic youth strikes out for the stars and the glory that all mankind has long forsaken!

Date With Murder and Other Stories by Harold Q. Masur
Three stories of crime and death.
Date With Murder (1942) – A Girl in Distress Plunges Lawyer Massey into the Vortex of a Death Conspiracy!

Knaves and Knives (1941) – Lady Luck was snubbing Sam Quentin. He wanted a new deal in the crazy homicide honeymoon case—but all he got was a double-deal in knaves and knives.

Homicide Tally (1941) – From warblers to wicker baskets in one easy hop. That was the setup Counselor Carew found at the Humming Bird Club. For he arrived just in time to see a glamor gal canary swing into a dance of death.

So browse by The Pulp Fiction Book Store where we can supply some new (old) pulp fiction to complement your New Year - New You!
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