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December 11, 2019

Wrapping up the Year

Are you settling in for a cozy winter? Do you have a stack of books lined up to read? May we suggest a few from The Pulp Fiction Book Store?

We're very pleased, the latest ebook we've published is Fungi From Yuggoth by H.P. Lovecraft. It is a 36 sonnet cycle written in both Petrarchan and Shakespearean form and blah, blah, etc., etc. Honestly we haven't thought about Petrarchan and Shakespearean sonnet forms since high school. But the point is, this was pretty awesome. Several of the Pulp Fiction authors we republish also wrote poetry and we'll probably add a few more books of poetry into the catalog as we go along.
Fungi from Yuggoth is a sonnet cycle of 36 sonnets by H. P. Lovecraft. Most of the sonnets were written in the nine day span between December 27, 1929 and January 4, 1930; thereafter individual sonnets appeared in various magazines such as Weird Tales.

The cycle begins with the discovery and theft of an ancient book of esoteric knowledge that seems to allow one to travel to parallel realities or strange parts of the universe. The poems that follow, though disparate in themselves, detail a succession of visions that a reading of the book releases.
In other news this month:

We are seeing renewed requests for Western stories so we will be adding more of those into our list of stories to publish in the coming months.

Our Gear Shop on Zazzle is doing well! Thank you to all who are making it successful. If you're looking for a gift for someone we can't think of a better place to shop.

A quick note to all of our Affiliates: On or about January 10th we are going to pay out all accounts, including the ones who have not met the $5 minimum threshold. We just wanted to start next year fresh....

And the most important news of all... Starting December 20 and going through December 31st we're going to have a big 10% off SALE. Use the code Christmas2019 at the checkout to claim your savings!
And now, for some fun ebooks on sale . . . .

On Sale This Month.

New Guinea Gambit thumb
New Guinea Gambit – One man out for revenge. One man out for gold. One woman out for both revenge and gold. All three lost in the middle of New Guinea, surrounded by headhunters and cannibals.
Night Brings Wisdom – three stories of murder, revenge, blackmail, actors, impersonation and the medals that courage earns by Georges Surdez, the master of Foreign Legion fiction.

Night Brings Wisdom (1931) – With his lieutenant caught in the net of a vicious money-lender, it was up to gruff Legionnaire Porchot to find—or smash—a way out

The Junkman Calls (1937) – A Complete Novelet of the Legion’s Fighting Men—and of the Medals That They Die to Win

Legionnaire Pro Tem (1939) – In this lively novelette an American actor on vacation in Morocco borrows a Foreign Legion uniform—and finds he’s played with fire.
Gunmen of Glory (1936) – Gunmen they were—nemesis of the lawless—and they flamed the fastest six-guns an outlaw rendezvous ever saw.

When The Kid, sick and desperate, stumbles upon Hopalong Cassidy and tells him the gruesome story of his wife’s murder by Big Henry’s outlaw gang, Hopalong un-limbers his six-shooter and sets out to clean things up. Tex Ewalt and Johnny Nelson come along. The story of their raid on the bandits of Hell’s Centre is one of old Hopalong’s most daring and rapid-fire adventures. Gunmen of Glory is a full length novel of twenty six chapters.

The Ship of Ishtar – A queer, inscribed block of stone found in the ruins of Babylon! And out of it came a call, strong across the centuries, from an ancient, enchanted sea, where sailed—The Ship of Ishtar.

John Kenton experiences eternity in one night when he becomes a pawn in the cosmic struggle between the Babylonian gods Nergal, the Destroyer, the Lord of Death, and Ishtar, the Mother, Goddess of Life. An academic, Kenton, contemplating a curious artifact from an archeological dig, is pulled from his quiet cultured New York apartments to treachery and war on the vast enchanted seas the ship sails upon.

Death’s Halo by Robert Leslie Bellem, four stories from the casebook of Dan Turner – Hollywood Detective. Opium, sex slaves, blackmail, and plenty of murder, feature in the seamy side of the movie business.

Star Chamber (1942) – The girl had paid Dan five centuries and asked him to meet her at eight. Now her ex-husband was trying to hire him, and setting the same hour for an appointment! The whole set-up smelled to Dan, and behind it all was the stronger smell of cooking opium

Falling Star (1936) – It was the dizziest looking diamond ring Dan Turner had ever seen—and a girl was giving it to him to keep… handing him plenty of Hollywood trouble on a platter

Death’s Bright Halo (1935) – Those necklaces were as effective as a headman’s axe. To pierce their secret Dan Turner finds his way into the house of missing girls

Stock Shot (1944) – As much as he disapproves of murder, Dan Turner hates blackmail even more. And as much as he loves a client who puts cash on the line, Dan’s common sense tells him there’s little percentage in trying to cover up for a killer. All of these factors, and more, confront him in The Case of the Millionaire Producer with the Puritanical Sweetheart.
Doom Trails a Buckeroo – Three Novelettes is a collection of three Western stories by one of the most prolific masters of the Pulps – Ed Earl Repp.

Doom Trails a Buckeroo (1941)
Men called Kirby a fool for betting his outfit against that of a border-hopping rustler, but he knew that unless he could beat Deacon Evans at his own crooked game, there was no place for him in the cow country.

Hurricane Hellion (1943)
Would that half of a copper plate engraved with the secret of a fortune in gold mean peace and prosperity to the strange youth and the gigantic rancher-or would it mean grim bushwack death?

Killers’ Cattle-Drive (1945)
When Tom Lincoln finally found the scarfaced murderer he had sought so long, he knew that the cards were stacked against him, and instead of roaring Dodge City at trail’s end, he’d meet the same bitter fate as had his cowman dad-a bullet in the back from a gunman no one could kill!

So come by The Pulp Fiction Book Store and check out our monthly SALE ebooks.
And have a good December!
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