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November 11, 2019

It's Getting Cold Outside!

How about curling up in front of a warm fire and reading some great ebooks? We've got some good titles on sale this month, but more about that later.

The following Heads-Up is only for our Newsletter subscribers!

Last month we published The Challenge From Beyond by C.L. Moore, A. Merritt, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, & Frank Belknap Long. It's a round-robin story with those five authors each writing a chapter. We set it at FREE because there is a companion story we were unable to locate and we wanted you to be able to at least enjoy this novelette.

Well, guess what? We finally found the other novelette! It's another round-robin story collaboration with Stanley G. Weinbaum, Donald Wandrei, Edward E. Smith, Harl Vincent, and Murray Leinster. It was the second part of the special 3rd Anniversary issue of Fantasy Magazine.

So here's the thing . . . . We're going to add the second collaboration in with the first, but when we do The Challenge From Beyond will no longer be FREE. We will probably set the price at our usual $3.95 for the ebook.

However! It's still FREE until the end of this week. IF you want a copy you need to grab it. On Friday morning we will swap in the new version of the ebook.

Here is the write-up from last month's Newsletter:
The Challenge From Beyond by C.L. Moore, A. Merritt, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, & Frank Belknap Long

In 1935, Fantasy Magazine was coming up on its 3rd Anniversary and editor Julius Schwartz (later of DC Comics) wanted to do something special. He conceived of the idea of a “composite story” (round-robin story) to commemorate the event. Actually Schwartz conceived of the idea of two such stories, both called “The Challenge from Beyond.” One story would be in the Science Fiction genre and the other in the Weird Fiction genre. This volume is of the latter.

This ebook is FREE and we encourage you to get a copy and enjoy the fantastic interplay between the writing talents enlisted for this project.
In other news this month:
We have published Roverton by Clark Ashton Smith. Roverton is a collection of two novelettes and a story fragment, probably better known as the Captain Volmer stories.
We have opened a Gear Shop on Zazzle. We're filling it with all the gear that Pulp Fiction aficionados just can't be without.
And now, some good ebooks on sale . . . .

On Sale This Month.

The Temple of Terror by L.C. Douthwaite
From Canada to London, England, beautiful young women have disappeared and a mysterious cult is feared to be responsible. A number of deaths are marked by the evil sign of the upside down unicorn, and because George Lacy rescued a woman from a building on fire, he finds himself in the middle of it all.

The Pirate Planet by Charles Willard Diffin was a four part serialized novel in Astounding Stories of Super Science. This classic science fiction novel pits telepathic Venusians and their lust to conquer Earth against the indomitable courage and willpower of the U.S. Army Air Corps.
Part 1 – A strange light blinks on Venus, and over old Earth hovers a mysterious visitant—dread harbinger of interplanetary war.
Part 2 – It is War. Interplanetary War. And on Far-Distant Venus Two Fighting Earthlings Stand Up Against a Whole Planet Run Amuck.
Part 3 – Two Fighting Yankees—War-Torn Earth’s Sole Representatives on Venus—Set Out to Spike the Greatest Gun of All Time.
Part 4 – From Earth and Sub-Venus Converge a Titanic Offensive of Justice on the Unspeakable Man-Things of Torg.

The Monsters of VooDoo Isle by John Peter Drummond
The deaths of Ki-Gor’s wife Helene, and his friend, Masai chieftain Tembu George, send him into despair in The Monsters of VooDoo Isle. This full length novel is from the pages of Jungle Stories from Spring, 1946.
A death-trail lured Ki-Gor to The Isle of Mists, and a god of weird powers welcomed him. His golden mate had already fallen prey to this strange Master —and now the Jungle Lord would share her fate . . . become a slavering, mindless creature whose great hands would kill for evil.

Bullet and Other Stories by Hapsburg Liebe
Bullet and Other Stories – seven classic pulp Western stories by Hapsburg Liebe.
Vengeance In A Bottle (1945) – Dingdong Bell Had a Reputation for Tellin’ the Truth, Even When He Was on the Owlhoot
Cayuse Cowman (1942) – The news that Bender’s younker was heir to a million dollars traveled quickly through the town.
Bullet (1937) – He was just a button but when trouble popped those hard bitten men of Gold Rock had to admit he was man-sized!
Dangerous Ground (1944)- A Lot of Folks Have Died Because They Knew Too Much
All The Cards Were Black (1949)- Trust Cow Folks to Get the Right Angle
Bullets Across The Border (1948) – That wild, young owlhooter didn’t even trust his own shadow —yet he left himself wide open for a double-crossing drygulcher’s Bullets Across The Border
Stickup at Stafford’s (1949) – A Long Hate Is Hard to Contend With

The Shadows and Other Stories by Leigh Brackett
The Shadows and Other Stories – three stories by the immensely talented Leigh Brackett.
The Shadows (1952) – Friend or foe, they dogged intruding footsteps…
Quest of the Starhope (1949) – They were helpless, these human-like captives from other planets, and Quintal, the ruthless hunter, was strong…
RUNAWAY (1954) – It took a trip to Venus to prove to Reid that the one thing he couldn’t escape was himself.

Date With Murder and Other Stories by Harold Q. Masur
Date With Murder and Other Stories – three stories of crime and death by Harold Q. Masur (1909-2005).
Date With Murder (1942) – A Girl in Distress Plunges Lawyer Massey into the Vortex of a Death Conspiracy!
Knaves and Knives (1941) – Lady Luck was snubbing Sam Quentin. He wanted a new deal in the crazy homicide honeymoon case—but all he got was a double-deal in knaves and knives.
Homicide Tally (1941) – From warblers to wicker baskets in one easy hop. That was the setup Counselor Carew found at the Humming Bird Club. For he arrived just in time to see a glamor gal canary swing into a dance of death.

So come by The Pulp Fiction Book Store and get a copy of The Challenge From Beyond while it's still FREE, and then check out our monthly SALE ebooks.
And have a good November!
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