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August 13, 2020

Hot Summer Westerns

WE love Westerns. Good guys. Bad guys. The drama is straightforward. The twists and turns sometimes are not. But however you slice it, Westerns are American. There is no real counterpart anywhere else in the world. Westerns show us who we have been and who we've aspired to be.
We have six good solid Western books from some terrific authors on sale this month, but more about them in a moment...

First, a little news:

Twenty thousand leagues under the seas; or, The marvellous and e
Twenty thousand leagues under the seas; or, The marvellous and e
Twenty thousand leagues under the seas; or, The marvellous and e
The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Project
We previously announced that we would produce an ebook of the Jules Verne classic from an edition with over 100 plates like the samples you see here.

We have rethought this one after we realized what a huge project it would become. What we're going to do is release this as a trade paperback first (our 1st printed book!) and then produce the ebook. We need to figure out the best ways to reduce the memory requirements of the resulting ebook files so they don't choke your phones and tablets.
Long story short: it's still in the works, just not imminent.
Audio Books?
Yes, audio books! It's been suggested to us a number of times that we take some of these ebooks we've been producing and re-do them as audio books. We have been slowly putting it all together and expect to start our first audio book production in mid-September. If you have any suggestions for titles we should produce as an audio book please let us know, either on one of our social media accounts or use our contact form to make a suggestion. We would really appreciate it.
So, big stuff coming....!
Nevertheless, you're asking what's on SALE this month?

On Sale This Month.

South To Chihuahua by William L. Hopson
South To Chihuahua (1947) is historical fiction of Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution.
Mexico had become a hotbed of action, and when these men marched south things began to pop that would make history.

This was war. This was Revolucion!

A coup had been staged. Assassinations executed. General Francisco “Pancho” Villa was leading the Constitutionalist Army from the north to meet with Emiliano Zapata and his forces from the south to take Mexico back from the usurpers. Ed Lash had ridden with Pancho Villa before and, against his will, he was back to ride with him again.

Two private wars in the middle of Pancho Villa’s campaign to conquer northern Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. And Ed Lash was right in the middle of it all.
And A Gun – three Western stories of ambushes, gamblers and gunfights by Robert Moore Williams.

Tascosa Partners (1946) – You can do a job right alone and still be alive afterwards if you’re smart enough. But a time may come when you’ll need help.

Rat Shoot (1953) – THE TOWN WAS A HOT SPOT where three states and their outlaws met—and the sheriff had to keep cool

“…And A Gun” (1946) – It’s a difficult thing to stand by while your ranch is being burned to the ground. When this happens you need faith, friends—and a gun. A seven chapter novelette.
Gun Wolves – three stories about honor and bravery in the Old West by Walt Coburn.

The Honor of Old Thunder (1954) – The watched stars had fallen. Manitou had decided. And the broken heart of the old Indian policeman lay upon the ground.

Gun Wolves of the Chisholm (1937) – Chisum, Goodnight, Chisholm, Slaughter! Ashes marked their camp fires along the Chisholm Trail. But when lobo-guns unlimbered on a water-hole den, Big Jim Trigg crossed their sign with trail-code lead and a free-water guarantee!

War-Bonnet Mavericks (1938) – Johnny Green—U. S. Marshal! Crooked cow kings laughed when that pint-sized lawman rode into War Bonnet. But they didn’t know the raging devil that lurked behind his smooth-cheeked face—the merciless death that slumbered in his judgment guns! A novel in twelve chapters.
From Hell To Texas – Up North they called Duffy Kildare a hero. But he was a traitor in any man’s language when he rode home to Texas after Appomattox – to fight for the doomed boom-town that had disowned him! This full length novel by Ed Earl Repp (1901-1979) was written in 1940.
LOOT – Four stories of Navajo Tom Raine, Arizona Ranger, as he outsmarts and outguns bank robbers and murderers in the Arizona Territory.

Rangers Laugh Last (1949) – A fighting scout rides to protect Loma Azul!

Ranger Riding In (1949) – Three stage holdups have Sheriff Dunn mystified until a lawman’s six-guns blast out a solution!

Long Night for a Ranger (1949) – Following a killer’s trail to an old line cabin in the middle of the night is dangerous for a Ranger!

Loot of the Lobo Legion (1947) – Navajo Raine Rides into Little Pine Ready for a Gun Showdown with Lynching Hombres! A five chapter novelette.
Bullet and Other Stories – seven classic pulp Western stories by Hapsburg Liebe.

Vengeance In A Bottle (1945) – Dingdong Bell Had a Reputation for Tellin’ the Truth, Even When He Was on the Owlhoot

Cayuse Cowman (1942) – The news that Bender’s younker was heir to a million dollars traveled quickly through the town.

Bullet (1937) – He was just a button but when trouble popped those hard bitten men of Gold Rock had to admit he was man-sized!

Dangerous Ground (1944)- A Lot of Folks Have Died Because They Knew Too Much

All The Cards Were Black (1949)- Trust Cow Folks to Get the Right Angle

Bullets Across The Border (1948) – That wild, young owlhooter didn’t even trust his own shadow —yet he left himself wide open for a double-crossing drygulcher’s Bullets Across The Border

Stickup at Stafford’s (1949) – A Long Hate Is Hard to Contend With
August is always the hottest month. Enjoy some hot Westerns while we get ready to produce some hot audio books. Come by The Pulp Fiction Book Store and find a hot Western. You'll be glad you did.
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