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April 2, 2020

Lockdown April

As you know, we usually send out our newsletter on or about the 10th of the month. This month we're early because we wanted to let you know about our #LockdownFreebies. We decided to help alleviate everyone's boredom by making one classic Pulp Fiction ebook from our collection, FREE per day for the month of April. You need to drop by the site every day to get that day's freebie. And no, there is no schedule of which books will go free when... We're making it up as we go along.

Every morning, about 9am Eastern time zone we switch out the prior day's freebie. You can find a link to that day's Freebie near the top of the home page. Download it, read it and enjoy it.

In other news, it was suggested to us that we produce Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini. You probably remember it as the great 1935 film that introduced Errol Flynn and a 19 year old Olivia De Havilland to the world.
Captain Blood is considered among the greatest of all the pirate theme movies and certainly has one of the best sword fights you could ever want to see. And great as the movie is, the book is even better. Look for Captain Blood by Monday.
But you know, as exciting as all that news is, we still have our monthly SALE books for your delectation......

On Sale This Month.

Vulcan’s Dolls by Margaret St. Clair
The Weeping Doll lay on Fyon’s pink sands. When Don Haig picked it up, the cosmic battle between Vulcan and Mulciber would begin!

There was only one Vulcan’s weeping doll in the galaxy, maybe in the universe. It was in the big museum back on Earth. It was only displayed once every four or five years because of the reactions it had on the museum goers. But somehow Don Haig had found another on the pleasure planetoid of Fyon. Captivatingly beautiful, the doll wept. Whether just for him, or for all mankind, Don didn’t know. But Don did know why the SSP were hunting him – they wanted that weeping doll. For lurking behind the beauty of paradise was the brutality of a police state.
Guns of Destiny by William Heuman
Guns of Destiny – two novelettes about the expansion of the West, up the Missouri River by paddlewheel to the gold fields, and out along the Santa Fe Trail in a wagon train.

Big Muddy Freeze-Out! (1947) – Down that wilderness waterway of the damned, steamed the packet Judy Greene, carrying a king’s ransom in golden dust and five score buckskin men toward a rendezvous at Graveyard Bend. . . . There, a double-crossed river captain, with a Smith & Wesson in his back, must smash his own proud boat on the rocks of the Big Muddy’s watery Boothill. . . .

Guns Of Destiny (1945) – The fate of a nation depended upon the delivery or non-delivery of those weapons to the enemy that threatened the Southwest. And most of the load of preventing that delivery rested on the shoulders of freighter Bart Chaffee — whose chief equipment for fighting the enemy was guts, shrewdness—and a trick!
Witch-House and Other Stories by Seabury Quinn
Witch-House and Other Stories – three stories from the casebook of Dr. Jules de Grandin, Occult Detective. A mummy determined to come back to life, a woman haunting her widower’s new wife from beyond the grave, and a witches’ familiar exacting revenge three hundred years after the witch was drowned; these are three of the occult cases of Jules de Grandin.

The Dead-Alive Mummy (1935) An amazing and startling story about an ancient Egyptian mummy and a beautiful American girl—a tale of Jules de Grandin
Rival From the Grave (1936) A tale of creeping horror that rises to a climax of sheer terror— a story of Jules de Grandin

Witch-House (1936) A vivid, fascinating and gripping tale of the blight that fell upon a lovely and beautiful American girl—a tale of Jules de Grandin, ghost-breaker, occultist, and master of the supernatural
Wandl, the Invader by Ray Cummings
In this sequel to Brigands of the Moon, Gregg Haljan, Snap, Anita and Venza are back trying to save the Earth, Mars and Venus from being destroyed by the giant brains of the planet Wandl.

Wandl, the Invader is a classic early space opera novel. It was serialized in four parts in Astounding Stories in its February through May, 1932 issues.

Sunfire by Francis Stevens
In Sunfire by Francis Stevens, five explorers travel by canoe to the headwaters of the Rio Silencioso, to a hidden lake with an ancient pyramid. There they are seduced and trapped, and are fated to become human sacrifices to an ancient god.

Sunfire was Stevens’ last published work. It was serialized in two parts in Weird Tales in 1923.

The Monsters of VooDoo Isle by John Peter Drummond
The deaths of Ki-Gor’s wife Helene, and his friend, Masai chieftain Tembu George, send him into despair in The Monsters of VooDoo Isle.

A death-trail lured Ki-Gor to The Isle of Mists, and a god of weird powers welcomed him. His golden mate had already fallen prey to this strange Master —and now the Jungle Lord would share her fate . . . become a slavering, mindless creature whose great hands would kill for evil.
So even though you're sitting home bored and lonely, come by The Pulp Fiction Book Store and pick up a #LockdownFreebie or two. Or thirty! We'll all get through this well entertained at the very least.
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