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The Pulp Fiction Book Store 2017 Wrap-Up


It’s been a very good year. We published over 60 eBooks this year ranging across most pulp fiction genres. Fans of pulp fiction, classic mystery, classic science fiction and adventure have started to find us. We have had site visitors from around the world and we thank you for stopping by!

This year we published our first Conan and Cthulhu books. We introduced some of our pulp heroes like Captain Trouble, Eric John Stark the Man Without a Tribe, Jim Hatfield the Lone Wolf Ranger, Elak of Atlantis, Jirel of Joiry, Secret Agent X, and Special Agent Dan Fowler of the F.B.I. 


Worldcollide The 2017 Wrap Up

Our biggest disappointment of the year was When Worlds Collide. Most people only know of the 1951 movie produced by George Pal. The movie is based on the 1932 novels by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer, serialized in Blue Book Magazine. We found all of the parts of the original serialized novels When Worlds Collide and After Worlds Collide and began production on them. Each novel was serialized into six parts and there were approximately 35 illustrations to each novel. We were incredibly excited to bring these two classic science fiction novels back to light. However, after several days we looked around at ourselves and asked that fateful question: “did anyone check the copyright status?” And right there the production died.

Oh well. You win some and you lose some.

Coming up for 2018!

We’re going to finish the classic Skylark Trilogy. We’re going to publish more Robert E. Howard, both Conan and some of his other work. We’re going to add more books from A. Merritt, Leigh Brackett, John D. MacDonald, Robert Carse, Georges Surdez, Ed Earl Repp, C.L. Moore, and Henry Kuttner among others.

We’re going to introduce new authors such as Andrew North, Arthur J. Burks, Roger Torrey, Fletcher Pratt, Jane Rice, Stewart Sterling and Margaret St. Clair. We’re gonna be busy…

In addition to all of the book production we’re planning, we’re going to start an affiliate program. We’ll keep you posted on this as the planning progresses. At this point we’re thinking February for a launch date.

Stay tuned….!


Mr. Pulp

About the author: Born a long time ago, I developed a love for Pulp Fiction as a young whipper-snapper. Whether it was riding rocket ships to Mars or tracking down the cruelest of killers, I always rooted for the hero to get the girl in the end. I found that a lot of my favorite pulp fiction stories, mysteries, sci-fi and adventure had gone out of print and also into the public domain, so like any bright young enterprising lover of cattle rustlers, robot armies and insidious villains, I decided to make the universe safe for my pulp fiction heroes of yore and republish them. I have since opened up the PulpFictionBook.Store to bring some of my old friends back to light.

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