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Red Nails (1936) by Robert E. Howard (1906-1936) - One of the strangest stories ever written—the tale of Conan- a barbarian adventurer, a woman pirate, and a weird roofed city…

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Ring Twice For Laura by Vera Caspary (1899-1987) is the 1942 serialized novel that would become famous as the 1944 Otto Preminger movie 'Laura.' Serialized over seven weeks in Collier's…

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Children of the Sun - Two Captain Future Novelets by Edmond Hamilton These two stories by Edmond Hamilton (1904-1977), The Harpers of Titan and Children of the Sun are a…

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Death Hangs High by J.S. Endicott

Boxed Death – Seven Short Mysteries by C.K.M. Scanlon

The Lunar Point of View by S.M. Tenneshaw