Three New eBooks Published

Three New eBooks Published
We wanted to end the year with a bang and so we’ve published three new eBooks:
King’s Ransom – Three Stories by Robert Carse
Black Colossus – Three Conan Stories by Robert E. Howard
The Lunar Point of View by S.M. Tenneshaw

Clues In The Dark Published

We’ve published Clues In The Dark and Other Stories by Norman A. Daniels, one of the great writers of Pulp Fiction mysteries. The eBook is available here.

Clues in the Dark and Other Stories – five stories of murder committed by mobsters, dirty cops, and bank robbers.

Death’s Halo Published

Right before Thanksgiving we published Death’s Halo by Robert Leslie Bellem. It features four stories from the casebook of one of our favorite detectives – Dan Turner. We’ve written about Dan here. And between his fondness for Vat 69 and all of the delishful dames he encounters, Dan is still not politically correct.

The Skylark of Space Published

The Skylark of Space Published

The Skylark of Space by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby has been published and it’s available here.

Something must have been in the water when they were preparing the August, 1928 issue of Amazing Stories because that issue has both the first installment of “The Skylark of Space”, and the first “Buck Rogers” novel, “Armageddon 2419 A.D.”

Raiders of Rifle Rock Published

We’ve published Raiders of Rifle Rock by Lee E. Wells. Raiders introduces a new Western hero, Wayne Morgan, the Masked Rider. Morgan comes out of the tradition of the masked avenger Zorro. Morgan and his constant companion Blue Hawk the Yaqui Indian, are always ready to right wrongs and avenge injustices.

Dreams and Horror Published

Oct. 31, 2017 Dreams and Horror – Two Stories by H.P. Lovecraft was published today and is available here. This ebook contains of two of Lovecraft’s most important Cthulhu Mythos stories, The Dunwich Horror and The Dreams in the Witch-House.