Wolf of the Steppes by Greye la Spina

Five early stories by Greye La Spina (1880-1969) one of the founding female authors of the modern horror story.

Wolf of the Steppes (1919)- A series of letters detailing horrifying encounters with a werewolf
From Over the Border (1919)- Revenge from beyond the grave
The Haunted Landscape (1919)- An artist gives testimony in the circumstances of his own death
The Wax Doll (1919)- An eerie tale of a little girl whose sole plaything was a forbidden doll
The Ultimate Ingredient (1919)- A horrifying tale of a scientist willing to sacrifice those around him to facilitate his research

Available for epub and mobi

  1. WolfOfTheSteppes.epub
  2. WolfOfTheSteppes.mobi

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