Wings For An Angel- Three Johnny Castle Novelettes by C.S. Montanye

Johnny Castle was a New York sports reporter. Castle was tougher than most sports writers and it’s a good thing he was – he always seemed to wind up in the middle of a murder.

Death With Music (1944) – Johnny Castle steps into a puzzling maze of criminal intrigue when he sets out to probe a grim hot spot murder mystery!
Chapter I – Swell Night For Murder
Chapter II – For The Law
Chapter III – Night Ride
Chapter IV – From Headquarters
Chapter V – The Coat

Crepe For Suzette (1948) – When an ice-skating star catches a slug, Johnny Castle matches wits with the cops! A novelette in five chapters.

Wings For An Angel (1948) – The sports writer and dilettante detective battles with fists, wits and guns when the backer of a Broadway show is killed—and a lovely chorine may be handed the rap!
Chapter I – Like A Snake Bite
Chapter II – Empty Pocket
Chapter III – Callers
Chapter IV – Blue Steel
Chapter V – Glass For Ashes

Johnny Castle was the creation of C.S. Montanye (1892-1948), one of the most prolific writers of Pulp Crime Fiction.

Available for epub and mobi

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