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Wings For An Angel- Three Johnny Castle Novelettes by C.S. Montanye

Johnny Castle was a New York sports reporter. Castle was tougher than most sports writers and it’s a good thing he was – he always seemed to wind up in the middle of a murder.

Death With Music (1944) – Johnny Castle steps into a puzzling maze of criminal intrigue when he sets out to probe a grim hot spot murder mystery!
Chapter I – Swell Night For Murder
Chapter II – For The Law
Chapter III – Night Ride
Chapter IV – From Headquarters
Chapter V – The Coat

Crepe For Suzette (1948) – When an ice-skating star catches a slug, Johnny Castle matches wits with the cops! A novelette in five chapters.

Wings For An Angel (1948) – The sports writer and dilettante detective battles with fists, wits and guns when the backer of a Broadway show is killed—and a lovely chorine may be handed the rap!
Chapter I – Like A Snake Bite
Chapter II – Empty Pocket
Chapter III – Callers
Chapter IV – Blue Steel
Chapter V – Glass For Ashes


Death With Music

Chapter I

Swell Night For Murder

BROADWAY had all the flash, sparkle and brilliance of a backwoods town buried deep in the sticks. Under the dimout regulations Dream Street looked like the main thoroughfare in Podunk. And to make it worse the sky was conspiring with the War Department.

There wasn’t a moon or the glimmer of a star anywhere. The whole set-up was dark as the Cotton Club’s beauty chorus.

I cut from the main boulevard, east through Fifty-first Street, heading for that resort of pleasure known to all and sundry as the Tallyho. This was a popular night-spot. One of the better columnists often referred to it as a “concentration camp with a floor show.”

Excerpt From: C. S. Montanye. “Wings For An Angel: Three Johnny Castle Novelettes.”

Johnny Castle was the creation of C.S. Montanye (1892-1948), one of the most prolific writers of Pulp Crime Fiction.

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