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Tombstones For Tejanos and Other Stories by Harry F. Olmsted

Four Western stories of blood feuds, cattle rustlers, murder, revenge and faith by Harry F. Olmsted (1889-1970).

Badge Of A Gunman (1938) – The Bearpaw range knuckled to a ruthless hand until at last a devastating hymn of hate turned the country into a bloody shambles.
Chapter I – Murder Charge
Chapter II – Doubtful Warrior
Chapter III – Gathering Storm
Chapter IV – Flame Of Treachery
Chapter V – Deal In Murder
Chapter VI – Peace Comes To The Bearpaw

Ghost Town Guns (1939) – Phantom killers of the old roaring West stalked Felicity’s silent streets. But in that ghost town of the dead, one lived—a white-haired old ranny who still kept faith with a tarnished star.

Tombstones for Tejanos (1937) – They weaned him on a straight feud diet, lulled him to sleep with the song of whispering lead. But even the Kid’s rare gun-savvy was faded on that raw Tejano-range—it took the red badge of courage to buck the play of renegade guns!
An eight chapter novelette.

Gunsmoke Thanksgiving (1940) – Would death take a holiday while a grizzled man hunter met two battle-scarred gun ghosts for a strange Thanksgiving reunion?


Badge Of A Gunman

Chapter I

Murder Charge

THE downbearing heat lay heavily on the wind and it was hard to endure, even underneath the vine-laden wooden awning of the porch. But the discomfort of the unseasonable hot spell was not what drew down the corners of Chart Cutting’s wide mouth and filled his eyes with dull fire. During past meetings of the Bearpaw Grange, he had listened with detached interest to some member’s plaint about the persecutions of the arrogant Walking M cattle outfit. He had even lifted his voice in a plea for patience and restraint. That had been easy enough when the shoe was pinching another’s foot. But he was wearing it now and the agony of it made his veins a battleground of warring emotions.

Excerpt From: Harry F. Olmstead. “Tombstones For Tejanos and Other Stories.”

Available for epub and mobi

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