Tombstones For Tejanos and Other Stories by Harry F. Olmsted

Four Western stories of blood feuds, cattle rustlers, murder, revenge and faith by Harry F. Olmsted (1889-1970).

Badge Of A Gunman (1938) – The Bearpaw range knuckled to a ruthless hand until at last a devastating hymn of hate turned the country into a bloody shambles.
Chapter I – Murder Charge
Chapter II – Doubtful Warrior
Chapter III – Gathering Storm
Chapter IV – Flame Of Treachery
Chapter V – Deal In Murder
Chapter VI – Peace Comes To The Bearpaw

Ghost Town Guns (1939) – Phantom killers of the old roaring West stalked Felicity’s silent streets. But in that ghost town of the dead, one lived—a white-haired old ranny who still kept faith with a tarnished star.

Tombstones for Tejanos (1937) – They weaned him on a straight feud diet, lulled him to sleep with the song of whispering lead. But even the Kid’s rare gun-savvy was faded on that raw Tejano-range—it took the red badge of courage to buck the play of renegade guns!
An eight chapter novelette.

Gunsmoke Thanksgiving (1940) – Would death take a holiday while a grizzled man hunter met two battle-scarred gun ghosts for a strange Thanksgiving reunion?

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