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The Skylark of Space by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby

During an experiment for the Government Bureau of Chemistry, Richard Seaton realises that he has discovered the means for liberating intra-atomic energy. Seaton, and a friend, millionaire Reynolds Crane, decide to build a space-flier, to be propelled by this intra-atomic energy.

Meanwhile, Marc DuQuesne and the Steel Trust, aware of the discovery’s potential, make attempts to steal the experimental solution the discovery is based on and the plans for the space-flier.

Part I
Chapter I – The Occurrence of the Impossible
Chapter II – Steel Becomes Interested
Chapter III – Seaton Solves the Problem of Power
Chapter IV – Steel Liberates Energy—Unexpectedly
Chapter V – Direct Action<
Chapter VI – The Object-compass at Work
Chapter VII – The Trial Voyage

Part II – What Went Before
Chapter VIII – Indirect Action
Chapter IX – Lost In Space
Chapter X – The Rescue
Chapter XI – Through Space Into The Carboniferous
Chapter XII – The Mastery Of Mind Over Matter
Chapter XIII – Nalboon of Mardonale

Part III – What Went Before
Chapter XIV – Nalboon Unmasked
Chapter XV – The Escape From Mardonale
Chapter XVI – An Osnomian Marriage
Chapter XVII – Bird, Beast, or Fish?
Chapter XVIII – The Invasion
Chapter XIX -The Return to Earth


Chapter I

The Occurrence of the Impossible

PETRIFIED with astonishment, Richard Seaton stared after the copper steam-bath upon which he had been electrolyzing his solution of “X,” the unknown metal. For as soon as he had removed the beaker the heavy bath had jumped endwise from under his hand as though it were alive. It had flown “with terrific speed over the table, smashing apparatus and bottles of chemicals on its way, and was even now disappearing through the open window. He seized his prism binoculars and focused them upon the flying vessel, a speck in the distance. Through the glass he saw that it did not fall to the ground, but continued on in a straight line, only its rapidly diminishing size showing the enormous velocity with which it was moving. It grew smaller and smaller, and in a few moments disappeared utterly.

Excerpt From: E.E. “Doc” Smith. “The Skylark of Space.”

In 1915, Edward Elmer Smith (1890-1965) and Lee Hawkins Garby (1892–1953) began to collaborate on a story which eventually became The Skylark of Space. After about a year, and about a third of the way through, they abandoned work on it. Smith took the story back up again in 1919 and finished it in 1920. After numerous rejections, Smith was able to sell the manuscript to Amazing Stories where it was published in 1928. The Skylark of Space is the first novel about interstellar travel and is considered the first “space opera” book. Coincidentally, the first installment of The Skylark of Space and Armageddon 2419 A.D., the first “Buck Rogers” novel were both published in the same issue of Amazing Stories.

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