The Silver Skull and Other Stories by Hapsburg Liebe

Seven Western stories by Hapsburg Liebe including the novelette, The Silver Skull. Hapsburg Liebe was the pseudonym of Charles Haven Liebe (1880-1957).

Desert Dust (1949) – Some Men They’re Born to Gamble

Strays (1943) – And Boot Hill was still Sacred Ground

Substitute For Six-Gun Magic (1942) – He was a skinny button. The range outfit he wore was all new and very cheap. His horse was bony, his saddle worthless. He did carry a good light gun, though-a Colt double-action .32 special

Sheriff o’ Sunday Creek (1935) – Sheriff Dan Emmert didn’t want his fishing trip interrupted by a hunt for a murderer-so he took the killer along!

The Saga of Calico Bill (1946) – A Skeleton, a Watch and a Gun—That’s All Jim Could Find of His “Wayward Old Pet Uncle!”

Anything Can Happen in Texas (1947) – Not a Trailer . . . Fact Is, I Hate Cow Thieves, So I Don’t Trail ‘Em

The Silver Skull (1945) – It didn’t cost Bill Callahan much to redeem that macabre cranium but he’d have to pay a hot-lead toll if he wanted to discover the secret it held

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