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The Moon Pool by A. Merritt

In the middle of the South Pacific, among the islands of Polynesia, there is a lost world under the earth’s surface, home to the evil Shining One and its acolytes. A party of archeologists stumble upon this lost subterranean land and must fight to save their own world on the earth’s surface.

The Moon Pool (1918) – What was the dread cold thing that stole forth from white moonlight—to stalk back with human prey?
Chapter I – The Throckmartin Mystery
Chapter II – Down The Moon Path
Chapter III – Into The Moon Pool
Chapter IV – The Dweller Comes

The Conquest of the Moon Pool (1919) – Beauty incomparable—devilish malignity unspeakable!—what dread secret lay in wait in the lair of the Shining One?
Chapter I – The Dweller
Chapter II – Larry O’Keefe
Chapter III – The Moon Door Opens—and Shuts
Chapter IV – The Moon Pool
Chapter V – “I’d Follow Her Through Hell!”
Chapter VI – Priestess Of The Shining One
Chapter VII – The Angry, Whispering Globe
Chapter VIII – The Lovely Hand Of Lurking Hate
Chapter IX – The Amphitheater Of Hell
Chapter X – “The Ladala Are Awake”
Chapter XI – “These The Silent Ones Summon!”
Chapter XII – The Council’s Decision
Chapter XIII – Dragon Worm And Moss Death
Chapter XIV – The Three Silent Ones
Chapter XV – The Wooing Of Lakla
Chapter XVI – In The Land Of The Dweller
Chapter XVII – In The Beginning
Chapter XVIII – “The Keth Has Power”
Chapter XIX – The Meeting Of Titans
Chapter XX – Von Hetzdorp Strikes!

Afterward – Ponape- The Real “Moon Pool”


Chapter I

The Throckmartin Mystery

I  BREAK a silence of three years to clear the name of Dr. David Throckmartin and to lift the shadow of scandal from that of his wife and of Dr. Charles Stanton, his assistant. That I have not found the courage to do so before, all men who are jealous of their scientific reputations will understand when they have heard what I have written. How strongly I attest to my belief in the truth of what I am about to lay before you will be equally clear as you listen and realize, as I do, the storm of ridicule and disbelief it is sure to bring upon me. Yet I hope that you will also believe before this narrative is finished.

Let me recapitulate what, until now, has actually been known of the Throckmartin expedition to the Island of Ponape in the Carolines—the Throckmartin Mystery, as it is called.

Excerpt From: Abraham Merritt. “The Moon Pool.”

The Moon Pool by Abraham Merritt (1884-1943), known as A. Merritt, was originally published as a short story in All-Story Weekly: “The Moon Pool” in 1918.  Its novel length sequel, “Conquest of the Moon Pool” followed in 1919. These were then reworked into a novel released in 1919.

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