The Moon Pool by A. Merritt

In the middle of the South Pacific, among the islands of Polynesia, there is a lost world under the earth’s surface, home to the evil Shining One and its acolytes. A party of archeologists stumble upon this lost subterranean land and must fight to save their own world on the earth’s surface.

The Moon Pool (1918) – What was the dread cold thing that stole forth from white moonlight—to stalk back with human prey?
Chapter I – The Throckmartin Mystery
Chapter II – Down The Moon Path
Chapter III – Into The Moon Pool
Chapter IV – The Dweller Comes

The Conquest of the Moon Pool (1919) – Beauty incomparable—devilish malignity unspeakable!—what dread secret lay in wait in the lair of the Shining One?
Chapter I – The Dweller
Chapter II – Larry O’Keefe
Chapter III – The Moon Door Opens—and Shuts
Chapter IV – The Moon Pool
Chapter V – “I’d Follow Her Through Hell!”
Chapter VI – Priestess Of The Shining One
Chapter VII – The Angry, Whispering Globe
Chapter VIII – The Lovely Hand Of Lurking Hate
Chapter IX – The Amphitheater Of Hell
Chapter X – “The Ladala Are Awake”
Chapter XI – “These The Silent Ones Summon!”
Chapter XII – The Council’s Decision
Chapter XIII – Dragon Worm And Moss Death
Chapter XIV – The Three Silent Ones
Chapter XV – The Wooing Of Lakla
Chapter XVI – In The Land Of The Dweller
Chapter XVII – In The Beginning
Chapter XVIII – “The Keth Has Power”
Chapter XIX – The Meeting Of Titans
Chapter XX – Von Hetzdorp Strikes!

Afterward – Ponape- The Real “Moon Pool”

The Moon Pool by Abraham Merritt (1884-1943), known as A. Merritt, was originally published as a short story in All-Story Weekly: “The Moon Pool” in 1918.  Its novel length sequel, “Conquest of the Moon Pool” followed in 1919. These were then reworked into a novel released in 1919.

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