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The Man Who Cast No Shadow and Other Stories by Seabury Quinn

The Man Who Cast No Shadow and Other Stories by Seabury Quinn (1889 – 1969) – three stories of the occult detective Jules de Grandin.

“What!” he demanded. “And leave her evil spirit, freed from the bonds of flesh, to walk the earth by night? Not I, my friend.”

The Dead Hand (1926) – Eery tale of Jules de Grandin—Bodiless Hand Floats Through the Window and Seizes a Millionaire by the Throat
The Man Who Cast No Shadow (1927) – A grisly terror of ancient legend creeps into the life of a New Jersey city—a tale of Jules de Grandin
The Veiled Prophetess (1927) – The intrepid ghost-breaker, Jules de Grandin, is drawn into an adventure of dark intrigue and occult danger.


The Man Who Cast No Shadow


“BUT no, my friend,” Jules de Grandin shook his sleek, blond head decidedly and grinned across the breakfast table at me, “we will go to this so kind Madame Norman’s tea, of a certainty. Yes.”

“But hang it all,” I replied, giving Mrs. Norman’s note an irritable shove with my coffee spoon, “I don’t want to go to a confounded party! I’m too old and too sensible to dress up in a tall hat and a long coat and listen to the vaporings of a flock of silly flappers. I——”

“Mordeiu, hear the savage!” de Grandin chuckled delightedly. “Always does he find excuses for not giving pleasure to others, and always does he frame those excuses to make him more important in his own eyes. Enough of this, Friend Trowbridge; let us go to the kind Madame Norman’s party. Always there is something of interest to be seen if one but knows where to look for it,”

“H’m, maybe,” I replied grudgingly, “but you’ve better sight than I think you can if you can find anything worth seeing at an afternoon reception.”

Excerpt From: Seabury Quinn. “The Man Who Cast No Shadow and Other Stories.”

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