The Lunar Point of View by S.M. Tenneshaw

The Lunar Point of View is a FREE collection of four stories by S.M. Tenneshaw a “house name” for Fantastic Adventures and Amazing Stories. The actual writers of these stories are unknown.

The Outcast (1949) – Hell broke loose in the Venusian Jungle when Jack Bradley found out he wasn’t really an outcast — and set out to get his revenge!

The Lunar Point of View (1950) – Earthmen fought for control of the Lunar Mines while the Moon People waited patiently – waiting to reward the loser!

Who Sups With the Devil (1948) – The devil granted a thousand years of life to George Bollata – ten centuries of hell, that is…

Diana And The Golden Ring (1950) – This golden ring was the key to a problem in two separate worlds. But could it exist in both of them at the same time?

Available for epub and mobi

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