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The Lost Beasts of Ta’Tamba by John Peter Drummond

In The Lost Beasts of Ta’Tamba, Ki-gor faces cannibals, crocodiles, a fight to the death in a jungle colosseum against maddened gorillas, and the pet lioness of the fiendish usurper of a hidden kingdom in this tale of jungle justice.

Ki-Gor, White Lord of the Jungle, and Brend, boy-emperor of the Stolen Kingdom, battled side by side against the thousand warrior-beasts of Ramfis. Crawling swamp lizards would have had a better chance of victory. But struggling in the claws of Durga-Rama, the fiend usurper, Helene cried: “Ki-Gor, my mate, will save me!”



KI-GOR had been watching the strange scene for many minutes. He had seen the black man fall and die with the peculiar foam showing at the corners of his mouth. He had watched the terrified movement of the boy, who had light brown skin and slim, un-negroid features. He had watched the leopardess as she first caught their spoor and crept forward, belly down along the drooping bokongu branch.

So intent had the leopardess been on her prey that she had not noticed the slight stir of air, like the passage of some mighty bird, as Ki-Gor swung in a wide, pendulum arc through the air, one long, supple arm holding a vine. Her eyes had not strayed from the quarry as Ki-Gor dropped lightly to a branch directly above, his well-developed toes giving him sure footing without a steadying touch of his hands.

As the leopard inched forward, Ki-Gor watched with grim intensity, his hand drawing the great, keen-edged hunting knife from his waist. At last the leopard’s tail stopped twitching; her body became rigid as it set to spring. He sensed the exact moment and leaped, his tall form plummeting directly in the cat’s springing path.

Excerpt From: John Peter Drummond. “The Lost Beasts Of Ta’tamba.”

John Peter Drummond was the “house name” used to write the Ki-Gor stories in the Jungle Stories magazine.

The Lost Beasts of Ta’Tamba by John Peter Drummond was published in Jungle Stories in the Winter 1948 issue.

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