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The Curse of Capistrano by Johnston McCulley

The Curse of Capistrano by Johnston McCulley (1883-1958) is more famously known as The Mark of Zorro. Serialized in All-Story Weekly in 1919, The Curse of Capistrano is the classic tale of the masked avenger Zorro, full of sword fights, horse chases and forbidden romance. Any number of masked and caped heroes can trace their inspirations back to Zorro, but this is the original novel.

Chapter 1 Pedro, the Boaster
Chapter 2 On the Heels of the Storm
Chapter 3 Señor Zorro Pays a Visit
Chapter 4 Swords Clash—And Pedro Explains
Chapter 5 A Ride in the Morning
Chapter 6 Diego Seeks a Bride
Chapter 7 A Different Sort of Man
Chapter 8 Don Carlos Plays a Game
Chapter 9 The Clash of Blades
Chapter 10 A Hint at Jealousy
Chapter 11 Three Suitors
Chapter 12 A Visit
Chapter 13 Love Comes Swiftly
Chapter 14 Captain Ramon Writes a Letter
Chapter 15 At the Presidio
Chapter 16 The Chase That Failed
Chapter 17 Sergeant Gonzales Meets a Friend
Chapter 18 Don Diego Returns
Chapter 19 Captain Ramon Apologizes
Chapter 20 Don Diego Shows Interest
Chapter 21 The Whipping
Chapter 22 Swift Punishment
Chapter 23 More Punishment
Chapter 24 At the Hacienda of Don Alejandro
Chapter 25 A League is Formed
Chapter 26 An Understanding
Chapter 27 Orders for Arrest
Chapter 28 The Outrage
Chapter 29 Don Pulido Feels Ill
Chapter 30 The Sign of the Fox
Chapter 31 The Rescue
Chapter 32 Close Quarters
Chapter 33 Flight and Pursuit
Chapter 34 The Blood of the Pulidos
Chapter 35 The Clash of Blades Again
Chapter 36 All Against Them
Chapter 37 The Fox at Bay
Chapter 38 The Man Unmasked
Chapter 39 “Meal Mush and Goat’s Milk!”


Chapter 1

Pedro, the Boaster

AGAIN THE SHEET of rain beat against the roof of red Spanish tile, and the wind shrieked like a soul in torment, and smoke puffed from the big fireplace as the sparks were showered over the hard dirt floor.

“Tis a night for evil deeds!” declared Sergeant Pedro Gonzales, stretching his great feet in their loose boots toward the roaring fire and grasping the hilt of his sword in one hand and a mug filled with thin wine in the other. “Devils howl in the wind, and demons are in the raindrops! Tis an evil night, indeed—eh, señor?”

“It is!” The fat landlord agreed hastily; and he made haste, also, to fill the wine mug again, for Sergeant Pedro Gonzales had a temper that was terrible when aroused, as it always was when wine was not forthcoming.”

Excerpt From: Johnston McCulley. “The Curse of Capistrano.”

The Zorro story has been made into over three dozen movies and TV shows.

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