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The Black Gargoyle and Other Stories by Hugh B. Cave

From the Amazon, to darkest Africa, to Borneo and the East Indies, four stories of the monsters and eldritch demons that inhabit the jungles around the world.

The Crawling Curse (1933) – A shivery tale of an East Indian murder and the ghastly fate that hounded the murderer to his doom

The Cult of the White Ape (1933)- An eldritch story of blackest Africa, where strange occult magic is still worked —a horror-story of the Dark Continent

The Black Gargoyle (1934) – A tale of goose-flesh horror in the jungles of Borneo—a story of stark terror and the strange doom of an evil white man

The City of Crawling Death (1932) – Ants—droves of them—as big as panthers—ants that made slaves of men and threatened civilization with destruction


The Cult of the White Ape

THE hour is midnight. The oil lamp on the table before me, casting its weird glow over my face, is a feeble, inadequate thing that flickers constantly as the corrugated iron roof of the shack trembles with the throbbing beat of incessant rain. It has rained here in the village of Kodagi for the last four months —a horrible, maddening dirge that drives its way into a man’s brain and undermines his reason. The M’Boto Hills of the Congo, sunk in the stinking sweat of the rain belt, are cursed with such torment.

It was raining when Matthew Betts came here. I was outside at the time, working on the veranda inside my cage of mosquito-netting. A man must have some relief from the monotony or else go mad; and I had found, after being sent here by the Belgian government to fill the position of chef de poste, that my hobby of entomology was a heaven-sent blessing.

Excerpt From: Hugh B. Cave. “The Black Gargoyle and Other Stories.”

Hugh Barnett Cave (1910–2004)was a very prolific writer of horror, weird menace and science fiction. After World War II, Cave lived in Haiti for five years and wrote Haiti: High Road to Adventure, a nonfiction work acclaimed critically as the “best report on voodoo in English.”

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