Skylark Three by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith

Skylark Three by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith is the second book of the classic Skylark trilogy. Skylark Three is “the tale of the galactic cruise which ushered in Universal Civilization.”

Skylark Three – The Tale of the Galactic Cruise Which Ushered in Universal Civilization – A Serial in Three Parts
Chapter I – DuQuesne Goes Traveling
Chapter II – Dunark Visits Earth
Chapter III – Skylark Two Sets Out
Chapter IV – The Zone of Force Is Tested
Chapter V – First Blood
Chapter VI – The Peace Conference

Part 2 – What Went Before
Chapter VII – DuQuesne’s Voyage
Chapter VIII – The Porpoise-Men of Dasor
Chapter IX – The Welcome to Norlamin
Chapter X – Norlaminian Science

Part 3 – What Went Before
Chapter X (Continued) – Norlaminian Science
Chapter XI – Into a Sun
Chapter XII – Flying Visits—Via Projection
Chapter XIII – The Declaration of War
Chapter XIV – Interstellar Extermination
Chapter XV – The Extra-Galactic Duel

After the huge success of The Skylark of Space in 1928, Amazing Stories asked E.E. Smith (1890-1965) to write a sequel. Lee Hawkins Garby, Smith’s co-author of the first Skylark novel was uninterested in another collaboration and so Smith set out to write the book that became Skylark Three. It was originally published in Amazing Stories in three parts in 1930, beginning with the August issue.

Available for epub and mobi

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