Red Nails by Robert E. Howard

Red Nails (1936) by Robert E. Howard (1906-1936) – One of the strangest stories ever written—the tale of Conan- a barbarian adventurer, a woman pirate, and a weird roofed city inhabited by the most peculiar race of men ever spawned. Red Nails was serialized in Weird Tales in the July, August-September, and October 1936 issues.

Chapter 1 – The Skull on the Crag
Chapter 2 – By the Blaze of the Fire Jewels

Part 2 – The Story Thus Far
Chapter 2 cont.
Chapter 3 – The People of the Feud
Chapter 4 – Scent of Black Lotus

Part 3 – The Story Thus Far
Chapter 5 – Twenty Red Nails
Chapter 6 – The Eyes of Tascela
Chapter 7 – He Comes from the Dark

Available for epub and mobi

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