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Raiders of Rifle Rock by Lee E. Wells

Below the Pecos Ridge, a Fair Valley Becomes a Shambles When Two Outfits Wage a Desperate Feud—Until Wayne Morgan, the Masked Rider, Rides into Action to Make Peace with Grim Gun Logic!

Chapter I – War at Rifle Rock
Chapter II – Hangnoose Party
Chapter III – Trouble Trail
Chapter IV – Gun Trap
Chapter V – Colt Conference
Chapter VI – Gunhand
Chapter VII – Spy!
Chapter VIII – Jail Break
Chapter IX – Diamond H
Chapter X – Open Warfare
Chapter XI – Gunsmoke
Chapter XII – The Man With a Scar
Chapter XIII – Roundup In Rifle Rock


Chapter I

War at Rifle Rock

JUST outside of town, two riders pulled up. After a brief consultation, one of them, an Indian, nodded and rode off, headed for the distant peaks, leading the extra horses. The other, a cowboy, waited a few moments, then urged his roan forward with a soft, drawled word. He rode easily, supple swaying to the movement of the horse, blue eyes looking ahead to the town.

Apparently there was only a single street, with a few houses straggling out to either side. The street was dusty and rutted and strangely empty. The cowboy saw two groups of horses hitched before two saloons which were far apart. A single buckboard waited in front of the general store. He saw no other signs of life.

His mild eyes narrowed a trifle, and a steely glint came into them. Something was about to explode in Rifle Rock, that was sure.

Excerpt From: Lee E. Wells. “Raiders of Rifle Rock.”


Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Lee E. Wells (1907-1982) was a licensed public accountant in California before he turned to writing pulp Westerns in 1939. Raiders of Rifle Rock was published in the Winter, 1945 issue of Masked Rider Western.

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