Outlaw World by Edmond Hamilton

On the trail of malevolent space pirates, Captain Future (Curt Newton) and the Futuremen combat the evil machinations of the Uranian Ru Ghur, who plans the total destruction of the Universe! This Captain Future novel by Edmond Hamilton (1904-1977) is complete with all of the 23 original illustrations as published in 1946.

Chapter I Radium Raiders
Chapter II Warning from Space
Chapter III Into Dreams
Chapter IV Surprise Attack
Chapter V Space Trail to Danger
Chapter VI In the Moon Forest
Chapter VII On the Pirate Asteroid
Chapter VIII Disastrous Discovery
Chapter IX World of the Cave-Apes
Chapter X Planetoid Trap
Chapter XI Catastrophe from the Sky
Chapter XII The Flare in the Void
Chapter XIII In the Meteor Swarm
Chapter XIV Secret of Mars
Chapter XV Into Fiery Peril
Chapter XVI Outlaw World
Chapter XVII In the Solar Satellite
Chapter XVIII Citadel of Evil
Chapter XIX Defeat
Chapter XX Dark Battle”

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Available for epub and mobi

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  2. OutlawWorld.mobi

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Outlaw World (Illustrated) (Pulp Fiction Masters Book 7)

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