Octopus of Crime by Brant House

Tentacles of terror reached over the country, spreading like a hideous blight through the cities of America. The underworld, welded together under the secret symbol of a monster of crime, was organized as never before. And Secret Agent “X,” master man-hunter went up against a genius of crime who stooped even to the ghastly horrors of medieval torture.

Octopus Of Crime – A monstrous octopus of evil gained slow power over the underworld. His identity as mysterious as that of Secret Agent “X” himself, this apostle of wickedness led the horror hordes of the nation into a bloody carnival of crime
Chapter I – Guns in the Night
Chapter II – The Law’s Net
Chapter III – Plunging Peril
Chapter IV – Wings of Destruction
Chapter V – The Mark of Horror
Chapter VI – Night Visitor
Chapter VII – Black Horrors
Chapter VIII – Crimson Fangs
Chapter IX – A Fresh Clue
Chapter X – The New Commissioner
Chapter XI – Trapped by Science
Chapter XII – Death in the Night
Chapter XIII – The Sky Attack
Chapter XIV – The Crash!
Chapter XV – The Way of the Octopus
Chapter XVI – Passwords to Hell
Chapter XVII – Death to the Agent
Chapter XVIII – Thundering Doom
Chapter XIX – Criminal Cunning
Chapter XX – The Mysterious Message
Chapter XXI – Tentacles of the Octopus
Chapter XXII – The Octopus Speaks Again
Chapter XXIII – Sky Monster
Chapter XXI – Who is the Octopus?

Brant House was a “house name” of Periodical House, Inc., the publishers of the Secret Agent “X” magazine. The author of Octopus of Crime was Paul Chadwick (1902–1972), the originator of the character Secret Agent “X,” the man of a thousand faces.

Secret Agent “X” is a master of disguise and his true identity is never revealed. He adopts several different identities in each story. What we do know about “X” is that he served in the War (World War I) in intelligence and was wounded from which he got an X shaped scar. He is a dedicated crime-fighter working undercover for the U.S. government, although this is unknown to local police who consider him an outlaw. His true role is known only to newspaper reporter Betty Dale and his mysterious Washington controller, K-9.

Octopus of Crime was published in the September, 1934 issue of Secret Agent “X”.

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