Moon of the Unforgotten by Edmond Hamilton

Moon of the Unforgotten – Two Captain Future novelettes by Edmond Hamilton (1904-1977)

Pardon My Iron Nerves (1950) – If you think Grag is an insensitive robot, just read his own account of getting psycho-analyzed and repairing to Pluto’s Fourth Moon!
Chapter I – Metal Man
Chapter II – Mission to Pluto
Chapter III – The Machs
Chapter IV – Crazy Moon

Moon of the Unforgotten (1951) – Curt Newton and Otho plumb the perilous secrets of the Jovian Moon Europa— where Ezra Gurney, friend of the Futuremen, has fallen prey to a mystic cult!
Chapter I  – The Second Life
Chapter II  – The Inn of the Three Red Moons
Chapter III  – The House of Returning
Chapter IV  – The Unforgotten

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