Men Of Treason by C.K.M. Scanlon

Dan Fowler, Ace of the F.B.I. Battles to Blow the Lid Off a Racket That Threatens Our Nation’s War Effort—and Teaches Traitors Who Gamble on American Lives that Justice Holds the Trump Hand!

It’s 1943, the middle of World War II. When a Captain in the Army is murdered by gamblers who control a mining town, FBI Special Agent Dan Fowler is called in to bring justice to the war profiteers.

Chapter I – Captain on a Rampage
Chapter II – Stranger in Town
Chapter III – Dynamite
Chapter IV – The Con Men
Chapter V – One of the Mob
Chapter VI – Assignment to Crime
Chapter VII – A Man Named Sissy
Chapter VIII – Murderer’s Message
Chapter IX – Mounting Evidence
Chapter X – Voice in the Darkness
Chapter XI – Blood Stains
Chapter XII – Spotlight of Justice

C.K.M. Scanlon was a “house name” for the Thrilling Publications group of pulp magazines. Men Of Treason was published in the Fall, 1943 issue of G-Men Detective.

Available for epub and mobi

  1. MenOfTreason.epub

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