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Men Of Treason by C.K.M. Scanlon

Dan Fowler, Ace of the F.B.I. Battles to Blow the Lid Off a Racket That Threatens Our Nation’s War Effort—and Teaches Traitors Who Gamble on American Lives that Justice Holds the Trump Hand!

It’s 1943, the middle of World War II. When a Captain in the Army is murdered by gamblers who control a mining town, FBI Special Agent Dan Fowler is called in to bring justice to the war profiteers.

Chapter I – Captain on a Rampage
Chapter II – Stranger in Town
Chapter III – Dynamite
Chapter IV – The Con Men
Chapter V – One of the Mob
Chapter VI – Assignment to Crime
Chapter VII – A Man Named Sissy
Chapter VIII – Murderer’s Message
Chapter IX – Mounting Evidence
Chapter X – Voice in the Darkness
Chapter XI – Blood Stains
Chapter XII – Spotlight of Justice


“Chapter I

Captain on a Rampage

A  CITY was rising in this semi-wilderness. A city into which more than fifty thousand men would soon pour. A city of barracks and mess halls and officers’ neat bungalows. It was to become one of the great training centers for United States troops.

But while it was being erected a village nearby had also grown tremendously. Where two or three thousand people ordinarily lived quietly and peaceably, had come hundreds upon hundreds of workers to clear the ground for the camp and erect the many buildings.

With them had come the usual array of gamblers, women camp followers, confidence men, loafers and soap box orators. Some were prosperous, some down on their luck, but all had one ambition —to play the workers for suckers.”

Excerpt From: C.K.M. Scanlon. “Men Of Treason.”

C.K.M. Scanlon was a “house name” for the Thrilling Publications group of pulp magazines. Men Of Treason was published in the Fall, 1943 issue of G-Men Detective.

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