LOOT – Four Navajo Tom Raine Stories by Jackson Cole

Four stories of Navajo Tom Raine, Arizona Ranger, as he outsmarts and outguns bank robbers and murderers in the Arizona Territory.

Rangers Laugh Last (1949) – A fighting scout rides to protect Loma Azul!

Ranger Riding In (1949) – Three stage holdups have Sheriff Dunn mystified until a lawman’s six-guns blast out a solution!

Long Night for a Ranger (1949) – Following a killer’s trail to an old line cabin in the middle of the night is dangerous for a Ranger!

Loot of the Lobo Legion (1947) – Navajo Raine Rides into Little Pine Ready for a Gun Showdown with Lynching Hombres!
Chapter I – Not by the Rope
Chapter II – Three Visitors
Chapter III – The Watching Man
Chapter IV – Proof of Prophecy
Chapter V – Lobo Loot

Jackson Cole was a pseudonym of Peter B. Germano (1913-1983).

Available for epub and mobi

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