King’s Ransom – Three Stories by Robert Carse

Haiti, the Caribbean, slave revolts, rum and voodoo; these are the elements that Robert Carse weaves his stories around in King’s Ransom.

Seven Came By Sea (1939) – Haiti, 1791: In the dark hills the drums began softly, but before that night of flame and terror was over, they had pounded out a protest against tyranny that shook the Empire of France. A novelette in four chapters.

Beach Comber (1931) – For ten years Downey had been trying to leave the little banana republic where he had become a drink-soaked derelict; and now, with success in his grasp, he found a revolution blocking his path

King’s Ransom (1934) – An ancient treasure, a white king with a mad dream, and two thugs await Burt James on a Caribbean isle
Chapter I – Island Jungle
Chapter II – Cold Reception
Chapter III – Beach Battle
Chapter IV – The Serpent
Chapter V – “Go And Get Him!”
Chapter VI – “I’ll Tell.”
Chapter VII – The Ransom

Robert Carse (1902-1971) was first published around 1928 and most frequently published in Argosy Weekly and The Saturday Evening Post. He was a prolific writer of French Foreign Legion stories as well as swashbuckling pirate stories.

Available for epub and mobi

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