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From Hell To Texas by Ed Earl Repp

Up North they called Duffy Kildare a hero. But he was a traitor in any man’s language when he rode home to Texas after Appomattox – to fight for the doomed boom-town that had disowned him! This full length novel by Ed Earl Repp (1901-1979) was written in 1940.

Chapter I – Yankees Not Wanted
Chapter II – Outcast’s Inheritance
Chapter III – Depression Builds A Boomtown
Chapter IV – The Grizzly And The Fox
Chapter V – Old Sarge Baylor
Chapter VI – The Rule Of Hell Begins
Chapter VII – First Blood In Dos Pasos
Chapter VIII – Panic!
Chapter IX – Stagecoach To Hell
Chapter X – The Killer Death Forgot
Chapter XI – Blood Money Man
Chapter XII – Back To The Wall

(This novel was not the basis for the movie From Hell To Texas. The movie was based on the novel, The Hell-Bent Kid, by Charles O. Locke.)

Available for epub and mobi

  1. FromHellToTexas
  2. FromHellToTexas

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