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From Hell To Texas by Ed Earl Repp

Up North they called Duffy Kildare a hero. But he was a traitor in any man’s language when he rode home to Texas after Appomattox – to fight for the doomed boom-town that had disowned him! This full length novel by Ed Earl Repp (1901-1979) was written in 1940.

Chapter I – Yankees Not Wanted
Chapter II – Outcast’s Inheritance
Chapter III – Depression Builds A Boomtown
Chapter IV – The Grizzly And The Fox
Chapter V – Old Sarge Baylor
Chapter VI – The Rule Of Hell Begins
Chapter VII – First Blood In Dos Pasos
Chapter VIII – Panic!
Chapter IX – Stagecoach To Hell
Chapter X – The Killer Death Forgot
Chapter XI – Blood Money Man
Chapter XII – Back To The Wall


Chapter I

Yankees Not Wanted

THE wintry bleakness of hard years of war lay in the pale eyes of Duffy Kildare as he curbed his mount in a shady elbow of Moscon Creek, where the meandering stream began to straighten out, before skirting the cowtown of Dos Pasos. Sandy-haired, bitter-lipped, he loosed the reins, so his trail-stained horse could dip an eager muzzle into the clear water.

The middle-aged man a-saddle beside him took advantage of the shade and coolness of the bosque to remove his Army cap, and mop his red. perspiring forehead. Gray cottonwoods and willows, their roots lost in Moscon’s sandy banks, made a drab background for the dusty blue of the two men’s uniforms.

With the mouth of his canteen brushing his flat lips. Sergeant Holt Cain paused to growl, “Looks like you’re home, soldier! But you ain’t goin’ to be damfool enough to stay, like you said you was, are you?” The lean, sun-burned young cavalry captain kicked his feet out of the stirrups and stretched his long legs, as if trying, futilely, to work out the stiffness gained by four years of fighting in the saddle.

“It’s not a question of wanting to stay,” he replied tersely. “There’s the matter of an estate, and other things that need nosing into. I don’t figure on staying forever, but I’ll likely be bunking in Dos Pasos for a month, anyway.”

The gray-haired sergeant wiped his lips, frowning at the younger man. “I’ll tell you somethin’, Duffy,” he said. “You ain’t goin’ to hit it off here anymore. This is Texas, an’ you’ve been four years fightin’ her an’ the rest of the south. Local boy or not, you’re goin’ to be just another damn Yankee in Dos Pasos . . . . an’ they’ll treat you accordin’ly. It’ll take a long time for folks down here to get over lickin’ their wounds an’ forgettin’ their hatreds. Have you forgotten what happened in the other Texas towns we been through the last few months?”

Excerpt From: Ed Earl Repp. “From Hell To Texas.”

(This novel was not the basis for the movie From Hell To Texas. The movie was based on the novel, The Hell-Bent Kid, by Charles O. Locke.)

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