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Flight to Singapore by Donald Barr Chidsey

Two stories of the exotic life of Prince Mike of Kammorirri as narrated by George Marlin, his bodyguard and Chief of Police and Army.

Flight to Singapore (1940) – Wisdom is better than rubies, but it’s very nice to have both—particularly when you can back them up with guns and a good right arm. Thus sayeth Prince Mike of Kammorirri in this exciting tale of Indo-China
Chapter I – The Tract And The Gun
Chapter II – Ruby Come, Ruby Go
Chapter III – Sogo Street Blues
Chapter IV – Temple Of Scarlet
Chapter V – The Vanishing Prince
Chapter VI – Old Fashioned Wisdom

Run, Tiger! (1941) – Extraordinary Asiatic engagement! Joseph, the wistful tiger; Racketty-Rax, the temperamental knife-thrower; and other stellar attractions will entertain a group of selected cutthroats. But His Highness Prince Mike of Kammorirri will stop the show with a command appearance of Hiccup, the fire-eating monkey
Chapter I – The Ghastly Clown
Chapter II – Hearts And Flowers
Chapter III – Command Experience
Chapter IV – The Lion And The Plane
Chapter V – Blaze Of Glory
Chapter VI – The World Cracks Up
Chapter VII – Yankee Doodle


Flight to Singapore

Chapter I

The Tract And The Gun

ARMSTRONG was an Englishman and as hard as steel. He was fiftyish, shy, efficient, a man who had been so baked by tropical suns that everything about him seemed dry, yet who for all this remained wiry and supple.

When we came to the place where we were to part, which was more or less, in the middle of nowhere, he simply stopped, touched his topee, stuck out his hand, said: “Well, toodle-oo. See you in Singapore.”

I shook his hand, and repeated, “See you in Singapore.”

I’d have been worried about leaving anybody else like that, for he had only two carriers, Burmese boys, personal servants, nice enough but soft; but you couldn’t look at Armstrong and worry about him. He was a man who knew how to take care of himself.

So he turned west and I turned east.”

Excerpt From: Donald Barr Chidsey. “Flight to Singapore.”

Donald Barr Chidsey (1902–1981) was an American writer, biographer, historian, novelist and writer of adventure fiction.

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