Elak of Atlantis -The Complete Saga by Henry Kuttner

After the suicide of Robert E. Howard in 1936, readers were left wanting more stories of swords and sorcery similar to the Conan stories. Henry Kuttner (1915-1958) responded with the Elak of Atlantis stories. Vikings, Druids, goddesses, dark magic and sword fights aplenty fill the adventures of the Atlantean prince that walked away from his throne.

Thunder in the Dawn Part 1 (1938) – A story to stir the pulses—a tale of warlock and wizard and valiant men of might in the far-off olden time—a gripping tale of Elak of Atlantis
1. Magic of the Druid
2. Northmen in Cyrena
3. Through the Black Forest
4. Power of the Warlock
5. The Dwellers on the Isle
6. The Night of Gods
7. Solonala—and Mider

Thunder in the Dawn Part 2 (1938)
8. They Come to Cyrena
9. The Chiefs in Sharan
10. In the Valley of Skulls
11. How Granicor Died
12. Warlock and Druid

Spawn of Dagon (1938) – An eldritch, fearsome tale of the worship of the fish-god in the ancient world, and the prowess of a doughty swordsman in old Atlantis

Beyond the Phoenix (1938) – A tale of Elak of Atlantis, and an evil priest who was more than human and who worshiped a foul god—a tale of perilous sorcery and thrilling action
1. A King Dies
2. The Opening of the Gates
3. Duel of Gods

Dragon Moon (1941) – Out of the dark—out of the unknown—came Karkora . . . rotting the souls of the kings of Cyrena. For Karkora, the Pallid One, was a creature more loathsome than anything on earth. It was beyond good or evil, a Presence from the Outside—a shadow of which the altar “fires had whispered.”
1. Elak of Atlantis
2. Dragon Throne
3. The Gates of Dream
4. The Ship Sails North
5. Aynger of Amenalk
6. Mayana
7. Karkora
8. The Dragon’s Throne
9. The Hammer of Aynger
10. The Black Vision

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