Elak and Jirel

Elak of Atlantis and Jirel of Joiry are, in a way, a matched pair. Elak,written by Henry Kuttner, and Jirel, written by C.L. (Catherine Lucille) Moore, are heroes of the Swords and Sorcery sub-genre of fantasy fiction. What better way to be introduced to these two superb authors, from before they married, than through two of their acclaimed series. Similar, and yet so different.

As it says on Wikipedia:

Moore met Henry Kuttner, also a science fiction writer, in 1936 when he wrote her a fan letter under the impression that “C. L. Moore” was a man. They married in 1940 and thereafter wrote almost all of their stories in collaboration—under their own names and using the joint pseudonyms C. H. Liddell, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Lewis Padgett—most commonly the latter, a combination of their mothers’ maiden names.

In this very prolific partnership they managed to combine Moore’s style with Kuttner’s more cerebral storytelling. Their works include a classic, “Mimsy Were the Borogoves” (February 1943), the basis for the film The Last Mimzy (2007), and “Vintage Season” (September 1946), the basis for the film Timescape (1992). They also collaborated on a story that combined Moore’s signature characters, Northwest Smith and Jirel of Joiry: “Quest of the Starstone” (1937).

This ebook set contains:

Elak of Atlantis -The Complete Saga by Henry Kuttner

Thunder in the Dawn Part 1 (1938) – A story to stir the pulses—a tale of warlock and wizard and valiant men of might in the far-off olden time—a gripping tale of Elak of Atlantis

Thunder in the Dawn Part 2 (1938)

Spawn of Dagon (1938) – An eldritch, fearsome tale of the worship of the fish-god in the ancient world, and the prowess of a doughty swordsman in old Atlantis

Beyond the Phoenix (1938) – A tale of Elak of Atlantis, and an evil priest who was more than human and who worshiped a foul god—a tale of perilous sorcery and thrilling action

Dragon Moon (1941) – Out of the dark—out of the unknown—came Karkora . . . rotting the souls of the kings of Cyrena. For Karkora, the Pallid One, was a creature more loathsome than anything on earth. It was beyond good or evil, a Presence from the Outside—a shadow of which the altar “fires had whispered.”


Jirel of Joiry by C.L. Moore

The Black God’s Kiss (1934) – A gripping story of a warrior maid who went down into a land of unthinkable evil in search of a strange weapon

Black God’s Shadow (1934) – Another fascinating story about Jirel of Joiry, who went down into a terrible place of darkness to release a human soul from torment

Jirel Meets Magic (1935) – The story of a warrior maid and the tremendous adventure that awaited her beyond the castle window

The Dark Land (1936) – An amazing tale of a red-headed warrior maid, and a leprously white skull-faced woman, and a flame that was quenched

Quest Of The Starstone (1937) (written with Henry Kuttner) – Across the far-flung centuries Jirel, the red-headed warrior-maid of old France, meets Northwest Smith, valiant rover of the spaceways, in a strange and thrilling adventure

Hellsgarde (1939) – Dead men guarded the treasure in Hellsgarde Castle—a tale of Jirel of Joiry. A fantastic and blood-curdling story of the treasure in Hellsgarde Castle, and the dead men who stood guard over it—

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