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Doom Trails a Buckeroo – Three Novelettes by Ed Earl Repp

Three novelettes by one of the most prolific masters of Pulp Westerns – Ed Earl Repp (1901–1979).

Doom Trails a Buckeroo (1941)
Men called Kirby a fool for betting his outfit against that of a border-hopping rustler, but he knew that unless he could beat Deacon Evans at his own crooked game, there was no place for him in the cow country.

Hurricane Hellion (1943)
Would that half of a copper plate engraved with the secret of a fortune in gold mean peace and prosperity to the strange youth and the gigantic rancher-or would it mean grim bushwack death?

Killers’ Cattle-Drive (1945)
When Tom Lincoln finally found the scarfaced murderer he had sought so long, he knew that the cards were stacked against him, and instead of roaring Dodge City at trail’s end, he’d meet the same bitter fate as had his cowman dad-a bullet in the back from a gunman no one could kill!

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