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Death’s Halo by Robert Leslie Bellem

Death’s Halo by Robert Leslie Bellem, four stories from the casebook of Dan Turner – Hollywood Detective. Two stories, Falling Star and Death’s Bright Halo, are from Spicy Detective and are a little more “adult” in theme.

Star Chamber (1942) – The girl had paid Dan five centuries and asked him to meet her at eight. Now her ex-husband was trying to hire him, and setting the same hour for an appointment! The whole set-up smelled to Dan, and behind it all was the stronger smell of cooking opium

Falling Star (1936) – It was the dizziest looking diamond ring Dan Turner had ever seen—and a girl was giving it to him to keep… handing him plenty of Hollywood trouble on a platter

Death’s Bright Halo (1935) – Those necklaces were as effective as a headman’s axe. To pierce their secret Dan Turner finds his way into the house of missing girls

Stock Shot (1944) – As much as he disapproves of murder, Dan Turner hates blackmail even more. And as much as he loves a client who puts cash on the line, Dan’s common sense tells him there’s little percentage in trying to cover up for a killer. All of these factors, and more, confront him in The Case of the Millionaire Producer with the Puritanical Sweetheart.
Chapter II – Ka-Chow!
Chapter III – The Answer to $10,000
Chapter IV – What Body?
Chapter V – The Prowler
Chapter VI – A Threat
Chapter VII – The Plan of Action
Chapter VIII – Fitting the Puzzle


Star Chamber

THE GRANDSTAND was jampacked. It was the last day of the racing season at Santa Anita; the final race of the afternoon. I was standing at the rail, watching the beetles through my binoculars, when somebody suddenly blammed into me from behind; almost knocked me tail over tincup.

In my game you learn to expect trouble at unexpected times. I whirled around, braced myself. My hand started toward the .32 automatic I always carry in a shoulder-holster. Then I unlaxed. It was a dame who had barged into me. She was an auburn-haired, curvesome cutie with violet glims, bee-stung lips and a figure like seven million bucks. She was dressed in a tweed sports outfit that was tailored to her shapely form like melted wax. The fabric fondled her rounded curves, left no doubt about the sleekness of her hips and thighs. She had the kind of gams a bachelor dreams about but seldom sees.

She said: “I—I beg your pardon!” in a loud, apologetic tone. Then, in a tense whisper, she added: “You’re Dan Turner, the private detective, aren’t you?”

Excerpt From: Robert Leslie Bellem. “Death’s Halo.”

Robert Leslie Bellem (1902-1968), the creator of legendary Hollywood private detective Dan Turner, was the definition of prolific, producing some 3000 short stories over a thirty year career. Dan Turner was a hard-boiled gumshoe who worked the mean streets and back lots of the film studios of Hollywood, encountering murderers, blackmailers, greedy producers, seductive starlets, desperate has-beens and immoral grifters. Turner was always ready with his “roscoe” to save some “dame” or “frail” from becoming “dead as a smoked herring” or “as dead as vaudeville.”

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