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Death Hangs High by J.S. Endicott

Death Hangs High by J.S. Endicott is a FREE collection of three crime stories published in 1936 and 1937. J.S. Endicott or John S. Endicott was a house name for the Standard Publications group of magazines. Many authors wrote under these names and it’s difficult to know exactly who actually penned any particular story.

The Build-Up (1936) – Detective Jim Durst Didn’t Let the Grass Grow Under His Feet When He Was Ordered Out on the Mavis Pearce Snatch!
Death Hangs High (1937) Р Weird Baffling Doom Stalks an Abandoned Mine!
Vial Of Murder (1937) Р Horrible Was the Fate Destined for Mol Craig!

Available for epub and mobi

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