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Death Hangs High by J.S. Endicott

Death Hangs High by J.S. Endicott is a FREE collection of three crime stories published in 1936 and 1937. J.S. Endicott or John S. Endicott was a house name for the Standard Publications group of magazines. Many authors wrote under these names and it’s difficult to know exactly who actually penned any particular story.

The Build-Up (1936) – Detective Jim Durst Didn’t Let the Grass Grow Under His Feet When He Was Ordered Out on the Mavis Pearce Snatch!
Death Hangs High (1937) –  Weird Baffling Doom Stalks an Abandoned Mine!
Vial Of Murder (1937) –  Horrible Was the Fate Destined for Mol Craig!


The Build-Up

JIM DURST stood in the dimly lighted hallway, his eyes narrowed, his face turned upward. Rickety stairs on his right led up into the shadowy-mantled upper stories. The whole place had an odor of putrescent filth and mildew that made him think of some vast organism slowly rotting away in foul darkness.

Durst squared his shoulders. No sense being squeamish. A job was a job. He did not hear the door of the lower floor apartment open behind him. Did not sense the added weight on the rickety staircase when the man, a mere clot of blacker shadow in the darkness, crept up with swift soundlessness after him.”

Excerpt From: J.S. Endicott. “Death Hangs High.”

Available for epub and mobi

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