Clues In The Dark and Other Stories by Norman A. Daniels

Clues in the Dark and Other Stories – five stories of murder committed by mobsters, dirty cops, and bank robbers.

The Tottering Idol (1946) – Assistant District Attorney Jack Coyle ingeniously ferrets out a blackmail plot that has some baffling murder angles!

The Killer and His Dead (1948) – Two corpses lay side by side—and Detective Fleming had to find out which was the murderer and which the victim!

Too Much Hate (1943) – Inspector Malloy takes a beating or two at the hands of fur thieves—but that’s not enough to outfox him!

Clues in the Dark (1934) – All the pent-up hatred of seven unjust years in stir pounded in the blood of Terry Lane, He fought to conquer that festering evil, for a friend had placed him on his honor. But when Death’s grisly fingers plucked life from a man, Terry shuddered at the . . . Clues in the Dark

Suicide Cliff (1952) – Novelet of a Murderous Honeymoon. The killer who attacked insurance investigator Max Slade on that dismally dark street wore shoes – but no socks
Chapter I – Homicide Case
Chapter II – Beneficiaries of Death
Chapter III – Corpse in the Cave
Chapter IV – Story of Murder
Chapter V – Murder Has a Motive

Norman A. Daniels was the pen name of Norman Arthur Danberg, (1905–1995). Danburg typically wrote under the alias Norman A. Daniels, but he also published under the pen names John L. Benton, Frank Johnson, and house names including Will Garth, Kenneth Robeson, C. K. M. Scanlon, and G. Wayman Jones.


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