Children of the Sun – Two Captain Future Novelets by Edmond Hamilton

These two stories by Edmond Hamilton (1904-1977), The Harpers of Titan and Children of the Sun are a particularly beautiful and haunting rumination about the nature of death, life, and eternal life.

The Harpers of Titan (1950) – Again, Simon Wright, the “Brain”, lives in a human body, and in that guise contends with the most hideous peril he has ever faced—a menace driving a planet to madness!
Chapter I – Shadowed Moon
Chapter II – Unearthly Stratagem
Chapter III – Once Born of Flesh
Chapter IV – The Harpers

Children of the Sun (1950) – Curt Newton, in quest of a friend lost inside Vulcan, faces the most insidious danger he has ever known in his entire galactic career!
Chapter I – Quest of the Futuremen
Chapter II – Citadel of Mystery
Chapter III – Dread Metamorphosis
Chapter IV – The Bright Ones

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