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Bullet and Other Stories by Hapsburg Liebe

Seven classic pulp Western stories by Hapsburg Liebe. Hapsburg Liebe was the pseudonym of Charles Haven Liebe (1880-1957).

Vengeance In A Bottle  (1945) – Dingdong Bell Had a Reputation for Tellin’ the Truth, Even When He Was on the Owlhoot

Cayuse Cowman  (1942) – The news that Bender’s younker was heir to a million dollars traveled quickly through the town.

Bullet (1937) – He was just a button but when trouble popped those hard bitten men of Gold Rock had to admit he was man-sized!

Dangerous Ground  (1944)- a Lot of Folks Have Died Because They Knew Too Much

All The Cards Were Black  (1949)- Trust Cow Folks to Get the Right Angle

Bullets Across The Border  (1948) – That wild, young owlhooter didn’t even trust his own shadow —yet he left himself wide open for a double-crossing drygulcher’s Bullets Across The Border

Stickup at Stafford’s  (1949) – A Long Hate Is Hard to Contend With



“SOMEBODY comin’ up the south trail, Hape. Just one hombre. Too far away to tell anything about him. This place looked like a peach of a owlhoot hideaway, but maybe it’s not. Me, I think we better high-tail it right now for the other side o’ the Catalinas. What you think, Hape?”

Long Jim Romine was very tall and very lean. His face was leathery, his eyes like nothing so much as blue flint. Under each hip he carried in a half-breed holster a big, ivory-handled Colt six-gun. He stood at a south window of the isolated, tumbledown old house, which once had been a cow outfit’s headquarters, staring off toward the Border. Absentmindedly he fingered the red-stained bandana bandage over a bullet-hole in his left forearm.

Excerpt From: Hapsburg Liebe. “Bullet and Other Stories.”

Available for epub and mobi

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