Bullet and Other Stories by Hapsburg Liebe

Seven classic pulp Western stories by Hapsburg Liebe. Hapsburg Liebe was the pseudonym of Charles Haven Liebe (1880-1957).

Vengeance In A Bottle  (1945) – Dingdong Bell Had a Reputation for Tellin’ the Truth, Even When He Was on the Owlhoot

Cayuse Cowman  (1942) – The news that Bender’s younker was heir to a million dollars traveled quickly through the town.

Bullet (1937) – He was just a button but when trouble popped those hard bitten men of Gold Rock had to admit he was man-sized!

Dangerous Ground  (1944)- a Lot of Folks Have Died Because They Knew Too Much

All The Cards Were Black  (1949)- Trust Cow Folks to Get the Right Angle

Bullets Across The Border  (1948) – That wild, young owlhooter didn’t even trust his own shadow —yet he left himself wide open for a double-crossing drygulcher’s Bullets Across The Border

Stickup at Stafford’s  (1949) – A Long Hate Is Hard to Contend With

Available for epub and mobi

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  2. Bullet.mobi

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