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Boothill Guns by Jackson Cole

BOOTHILL GUNS (1957) by Jackson Cole – A killer-bandit was at large in the town of Frontera, and Jim Hatfield, the Lone Wolf Ranger, had both feet in the grave before he tagged the guilty one.
Chapter I – Funeral in Frontera
Chapter II – Disaster Strikes
Chapter III – The Search
Chapter IV – A Dead Man’s Clue
Chapter V – Arrest
Chapter VI – Trail’s End
Chapter VII – Ace in the Hole
Chapter VIII – A Woman’s Love
Chapter IX – A Second Dead Man
Chapter X – Hatfield’s Hunch


Chapter I

Funeral in Frontera

RIO BARNETT sat by the window of his upper-story room in Frontera’s only hotel, the Oasis. He kept an eye on the storm outside while he went about the business of cleaning and oiling the six-shooters which were the tools of his trade.

Frontera was crowded for the big funeral today; the hotel was booked solid by out-of-towners. Barnett’s room, however, had been reserved by the anonymous local citizen who had imported the El Paso gunman for a hold-up job.

Meeting in a secret rendezvous last night, Barnett’s employer had made the job sound simple. Too simple. Rob the Wells Fargo safe this afternoon while Frontera’s attention was on the big open-air funeral services in the town plaza for their late marshal “Bullet” Bob McTavish. Later, with the loot safely hidden, Rio Barnett would join the mourners up at the hilltop graveyard. What could be easier?

What could possibly go wrong?

Excerpt From: Jackson Cole. “Boothill Guns.”

Jackson Cole was one of the pen names of Peter B. Germano (1913-1983).

Available for epub and mobi

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