Blood Money and Other Stories by Gunnison Steele

Five hard nosed Western stories by Gunnison Steele. Gunnison Steele was the pseudonym for Benny W. Gardner.

The Meanest Man (1947) – Sam Radd didn’t know which was worse-killing the banker or telling the sheriff that his own partner had done it.

Showdown (1946) – It didn’t seem possible that Sid Jarret would be able to beat Tuck’s four kings-but whether Jarret could or not, Tuck had still lost too much to be able to cover Jarret’s bets.

Claws of Perdition (1945) – Seeking hidden gold, Sonora Drake held Adam Boone helpless!

The Ironclad Alibi (1945) – Nick Ryan could prove he wasn’t the murderer being sought for-prove it with the finality of the grave.

Blood Money (1934) – It was a grim joke to Kerrigan. Here they were on the arid wastes of the desert, sun-scorched, dried, waterless. And he was worth five thousand dollars to Fallon, if Fallon could get him to Three Pines—alive. And it looked as if the desert would be the ultimate victor.

Available for epub and mobi

  1. BloodMoney
  2. BloodMoney

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