Black Colossus – Three Conan Stories by Robert E. Howard

This book contains three novelettes in the Conan saga by Robert E. Howard: Black Colossus, The Slithering Shadow, and The Pool of the Black One.

Black Colossus (1933) – A mighty story of the wizard Natohk, and the red battle, and stupendous deeds—a tale of a barbarian mercenary who was called upon to save a nation from shuddery evil. A novelette in four chapters.

The Slithering Shadow (1933) – A mighty story of a barbarian adventurer, and the monstrosity that slunk through the dark corridors of Xuthal in search of its human prey. A novelette in four chapters.

The Pool of the Black One (1933) – One of the strangest tales ever told—a tale of black giants, and the blood-freezing horror that awaited the buccaneers at the jade-green pool. A novelette in three chapters.

Born and raised in Texas, Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936) dreamed of becoming a fiction writer from the age of nine. Howard is best known for his Conan the Barbarian stories. These were the culmination of the “Swords and Sorcery” genre of adventure he was instrumental in developing. The first Conan story, The Phoenix on the Sword was actually a Kull story that had been rejected and that he reworked.

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