What’s More American Than Cowboys?

LOOT – Four Navajo Tom Raine Stories by Jackson Cole

From Hell To Texas by Ed Earl Repp

The Silver Skull and Other Stories by Hapsburg Liebe

Blood Money and Other Stories by Gunnison Steele

The Kiowa Killer by Jackson Cole

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About the author: Born a long time ago, I developed a love for Pulp Fiction as a young whipper-snapper. Whether it was riding rocket ships to Mars or tracking down the cruelest of killers, I always rooted for the hero to get the girl in the end. I found that a lot of my favorite pulp fiction stories, mysteries, sci-fi and adventure had gone out of print and also into the public domain, so like any bright young enterprising lover of cattle rustlers, robot armies and insidious villains, I decided to make the universe safe for my pulp fiction heroes of yore and republish them. I have since opened up the PulpFictionBook.Store to bring some of my old friends back to light.