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We’ve edited together three pulp fiction short detective stories by J.S. Endicott for you to enjoy. J.S. Endicott or John S. Endicott was a house name for the Standard Publications group of magazines. Many authors wrote under these names and it’s difficult to know exactly who actually penned any particular story. Nevertheless, we thank these anonymous writers for their imaginative tales. We’ve used the original artwork and done some reformatting and styling to make these stories easier and more fun to read.

The Build-Up  – Detective Jim Durst Didn’t Let the Grass Grow Under His Feet When He Was Ordered Out on the Mavis Pearce Snatch!
The Build-Up was published in Popular Detective in July, 1936.

Death Hangs High  – Weird Baffling Doom Stalks an Abandoned Mine!
Death Hangs High was published in Popular Detective in April, 1937.

UPDATE Feb. 21, 2017:
We’ve added in a third story:

Vial of Murder – Horrible Was the Fate Destined for Mol Craig!
Vial of Murder was published in Thrilling Detective in May, 1937.

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